In response to concerns raised regarding the use of tracking collars (GPS) to monitor dingo movements on Fraser Island (K’gari), the use of tracking collars are approved by an independent Animal Ethics Committee and can be removed via a remote drop-off process when tracking is no longer required. Data from tracking collars is used by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) to better understand dingoes, improve management strategies, and help keep dingoes, residents and visitors to Fraser Island safe. They have also provided valuable information about the dingo’s movements during the COVID closure of Fraser Island in the absence of people. As one of the purest strains of dingo in Australia, those on Fraser Island are heavily protected and data collected aids in their further protection and management of the species. Dingoes wearing this collar over the last 12 months have been closely monitored and observed successfully hunting and interacting with other dingoes with no apparent disadvantage or restriction, and no evidence that they have lost weight or condition since being fitted with the collar. Rangers will remove the collar if an animal’s condition is negatively impacted.


Regarding a second type of collar, the Department has advised this is a collaborative project between the University of Southern Queensland, Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation and Department of Environment & Science to trial the use of an aversion collar to manage a high-risk dingo with a history of aggressive behaviour towards people, as an alternative to euthanasia. The use of this collar has also been approved by an independent Animal Ethics Committee and doesn’t affect the ability to hunt and access water. While this trial is underway the dingo’s behaviour, movements and wellbeing are closely monitored. The best thing we can all do to ensure the safety of K’gari’s dingos is to leave them alone. If you have any questions or further information on this trial please contact For more information please go to and if you have any further concerns, do not hesitate to contact QPWS on 5470 3400 or my office.