Questions On Notice

Questions On Notice (QONs) are asked at designated Parliamentary sitting dates by elected MPs. Ministerial offices have 30 days to submit QON answers to the Table Office. Read Sandy’s ‘Questions On Notice’ and Answers – ‘Search by Current Member’ & choose Ms. Sandy Bolton then click ‘Search Questions on Notice’.

Questions Without Notice

Questions Without Notice (QWN) are directed to the relevant Minister at Parliamentary sittings without prior notification. Answers to Questions Without Notice are recorded in the Parliamentary Record of Proceedings referred to as Hansard. 

Estimates and Committee Hearings 2019

Sandy’s questions and responses from the 2019 Estimate Hearings Questions are here: Estimates 2019 – Questions & Responses

For more information on the Estimates 2019, please head to the Qld Parliament website, Estimates Hearings page.


Estimates and Committee Hearings 2018

Download Sandy’s questions from the latest 2018 Estimate Hearings Questions.

Read the Answers to Pre-Hearing Questions on Notice (QONs) regarding the ITDEC from Minister Jones and Minister EnochClick here for further information on the 2018 Estimates Hearings for each portfolio committee including the Hansard with Minister’s replies.

ABOUT HANSARD – The Record of Proceedings is commonly referred to as Hansard. The Record of Proceedings is the official report of the debates and proceedings of Parliament. It is not a verbatim report of what is said in the Legislative Assembly. Rather, it is an accurate written representation of speeches and statements devoid of redundancies, obvious grammatical errors, slips of the tongue and factual anomalies. The Record of Proceedings is published on the internet throughout a sitting day at 2.30 pm, 4.15 pm and within two hours of the House rising.

View Hansard and the latest Record of Proceedings.