Noosa 360 is an information and discussion hub on Noosa electorate issues which form an important part in the decision-making process for Sandy, as she delivers her vote on behalf of Noosa and the Queensland people in State Parliament. Plus you’ll get the latest updates on the Hot Topics portal!

Registration enables your participation in various topics, and for us to alert you on any major upcoming items for your input. Your details are safe and will not be shared with any 3rd parties.


As a ‘pilot’ engagement program, Noosa 360 aims to gather the pulse and temperature of our community across a range of current and/or emerging State issues, legislation or Bills that may or will effect the people of Noosa and Queensland.

This will incorporate an online hub to encourage community discussion and sharing of information on these State-led issues, as well as community forums and post-outs as needed. This will ensure that the whole electorate has a chance to be part of the discussion on major items.

Be informed. Be heard. Make the difference.

You can join Noosa 360 by registering and listing your preferred method of notification, either via email, SMS/IM or post.

Better outcomes for our electorate can only be achieved by the constructive participation of the community along with the access to reliable and well-informed background information as part of an honest, enquiring and respectful discussion.

The collective voice is a powerful voice. Join the discussion.