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As an Independent Member of the Queensland Parliament, I am honoured to represent the wonderful diversity that is Noosa, not a political party or personal ideology. This is liberating and empowering for the residents of our electorate and provides opportunity to create a future that you have envisioned. One that is bold in researching ideas and trialling new ways to address our challenges, through the development of partnerships and a focus on what unites. One that encourages open discussion and respectful debate which concentrates on common ground and what can be achieved. One that considers all viewpoints and perspectives, with objective research and a passion for people, that puts Noosa first.

I am your voice. It is your Noosa.

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1 day ago

Sandy Bolton MP

NOOSA GOES GLOBAL πŸ‘¨β€πŸš’ Our firefighting innovators shone in wild weather demonstrating β€˜live’ to a global market how technology can quickly detect and put out fires. Our local companies Fireball International, Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment and McDermott Aviation Group came together at the old airstrip to light a controlled fire (actually, it was our Rural firies and QFES 😊). Then, they used real-time thermal satellite imagery to detect in 3 mins then put it out utilizing the latest in expandable tanks hitched to one of our favourite β€˜Bell’ choppers. Congratulations to all including Chris and Firetech πŸ‘πŸ‘ job. Thank you to all who were witness to just how incredible our Noosa biz is, with Llew and Ted Obrien MP’s, Minister Ryan and our newly named β€˜Rocket Man’ joining Mayor Clare, myself and many others. Noosa is very much on this map, and satellite, leading the way in our future. πŸ‘
#noosainnovation #firedetection #fireheroes #reducingloss #increasingsafety
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2 days ago

Sandy Bolton MP

KARLA TO THE RESCUE πŸ¨πŸ’–- Last time she introduced us to her passion for Noosa, and in this instalment, her love of our heroes during our fires. It was again an honour to do β€˜storytime’ to our youngest πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ€β€πŸ‘©πŸ» and battle the heat alongside Clare Stewart Noosa Mayor and fellow attendees, including the divine Arlo for this special event. Funds raised are for habitat regeneration, and in recognition of the organisations and individuals who work tirelessly for our furry buds.πŸ‘ Congratulations and thank you to Elizabeth Reynolds and Lili, Queensland Koala Crusaders, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services - QFES, RFBAQ - Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland Inc and all who are Karla β€˜kin’.πŸ’•
#karlathekoala #furrylocals #noosastories
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Independent Member for Noosa

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