A personal message from Sandy

As the only Independent member of the Queensland parliament I believe that I hold a special position. And not for the reason that you may think.

Being answerable to the people of Noosa, and not a political party, is more than special. It is both liberating and empowering for the people of the Noosa electorate.

Noosa has both the capacity and opportunity to create the future that it has always envisioned. One that does not follow the proverbial 'dangling carrot', instead one that is bold to test solutions for our greatest concerns.  We will lead the way and then share them with other Queensland communities as we join in meeting the challenges that we all face together.

I will use my position to better negotiate partnerships and deepen our relationships. I will discourage silos and bring everyone together in a united team effort that delivers great outcomes. By supporting and nurturing positive initiatives I will improve my electorate and the State that we all care deeply about.