The report from the Air Noise Ombudsman’s (ANO) investigation into the flight paths for the new runway at Sunshine Coast Airport, and Airservices Australia’s response, are now publicly available.

Of particular note is ANO’s Recommendation 2 and Airservices response to: Implement as soon as practicable a Post Implementation Review (PIR) that considers community identified alternatives, provides an opportunity for genuine community input and applies the latest version of the National Operating Standards for Environmental Management of Changes to Aircraft Operations (AA-NOSENV-2.100) – A PIR Terms of Reference (TOR) will be developed for discussion and agreement with the ANO by September 2020. To complete the PIR, it is necessary to gather 12 months of post-implementation operational data to enable assessment of actual operation against the assessed impact. Although management of Sunshine Coast Airport were not involved in the design of or consultation regarding the flight paths, they will be assisting Airservices Australia in completing the PIR. It is anticipated this PIR will be completed not later than 18 months after runway opening. For those who live under flight paths and would like to know more about any aircraft flying overhead, there are number of apps you can download on your smartphone that can assist. One app is ‘Flightradar24’, however there numerous to choose from.

The full report from ANO’s investigation and ASA’S response is available at

For any residents that would like to track flights, please go to,153.02/8  If you experiencing impacts from aircraft noise, there are sound meters available via your apps store on your phone to record the decibels. To report any infringements,  please go to