As part of the Noosa electorate’s office commitment to our constituents and residents, we have pioneered a number of initiatives that are designed to assist a range of people and sectors in the community. These include;

  • Community Partnerships Program –  Looks to assist nearly 100 ‘at risk or vulnerable’ youth through clubs and organisations to connect with their passions, whether that be via assistance with transport, tuition fees, apparel, minor equipment or gear etc
  • Creating Change Sponsorship – ‘Change-maker’ funding for individuals and groups who are driving positive community endeavours and want to highlight or bring to the forefront a particular cause or issue
  • Designing Solutions Youth Unemployment Forum – Gathering industry and community leaders to work on specific Noosa-centric challenges
  • Schools Innovation Awards 2019

Some of these programs and initiatives attract annual funding from a limited electorate office fund, so please inquire to see whether you, your club or not for profit organisation might be considered for assistance.