Following on from a recent visit to Noosa by the Minister & as reported by Noosa News; , the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries are seeking further input from commercial and recreational fishers regarding the Government’s Directions Paper on how best to manage the priority fisheries, and the next steps involved.

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I’ve plundered the oceans for some 49 years. I’m not alone. Every year fishing becomes harder, the fish are getting smaller. We are travelling further and for longer sometimes for nothing, not one legal fish. Fishing is not sustainable, I don’t need a degree or scientific evidence to know that unless we pull back and implement sanctions then we will reach the point of no return. Ban all netting from rivers and inshore waters, implement no take during spawning, implement a maximum weight, introduce a recreational fishing licence, educate on the benefits of catch and release, introduce more green zones. Go early, go hard rebuild the stocks and there may be a chance we can save the fishery. The Minister may not have the courage or political backing to go early and hard so make the most of it Noosa will fished out within 10 years.

Support your proposals, but am strongly against recreational fishing licence. I would like to add a complete and permanent ban on beach haul fishing which has already wiped out inshore tailor

Makes sense to me Gary. How can we endlessly kill fish and not expect a decline in fish numbers and size. Education is key to getting a pullback on fishing and a pause to allow fish stocks to revive. Then limited fishing in all waters including offshore.

Support your proposals, but am strongly against recreational fishing licence. I would like to add a complete and permanent ban on beach haul fishing which has already wiped out inshore tailor
I understand the resistance to a recreational fishing licence however fishing attracts a rouge element. By withdrawing a licence it makes them think twice about tossing beer cans into the waterway, cutting up undersized fish for bait, about leaving 100s of dead fish on the shoreline because they don’t want them. I could go on. Monies need to be channeled into education via fishing clubs and associated entities.

Morning guys! This as you know is a really interesting topic with some very opposing views, and thank you for your great discussion!. Do you want the State Governments Sustainable Fishing Strategy uploaded, as there has been previous feedback on this that believes what is being done is adequate? Also something to consider re recreational fishing licenses – atm volunteers such as Ocean Crusaders do the regular clean up of fishing lines, sunken tinnies etc in our river, and have to like so many orgs working in the river space including NICA, MRCC etc – fundraise to do so and are struggling. A license may provide much needed funds in these endeavours, as well address the shortage of infrastructure that have been requested such as fish cleaning tables?

Hi All, Brett here at Sandy’s office please find the Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy 2017-2027 that sets out the government’s reform agenda for the next 10 years and also the Year 1 Progress Report on the same strategy. Regards.

Hi Sandy, I have read the review and it does nothing to ensure the stability, protection and sustainability of our fish stocks. Trawling is an area where I have little expertise and cannot offer an opinion. Commercial fisherman have long argued that the black marketing of fish and shellfish undermines their licence. The Government proposes to introduce changes to limit the black marketing of fish and shellfish. Unless there is a significant increase in surveillance and prosecution this behaviour will only increase as the value of fish and shellfish rises. Personally I do not believe that black marketing can be controlled, Qld is far too large, we have too few fisheries officers and demand is extremely high. On this one, reward far out weighs the deterrent. You can more or less sell everything you catch at the boat ramp ! Commercial fishers are probably happy that the Government is proposing a crack down. Recreational fisherman are represented at consultations by very strong groups such as Sunfish who rely on funds from members to look after their interests. Irrespective of their own views, findings and knowledge they will oppose anything that curtails access to resources. These groups are absolutely key to education but monies need to flow into their coffers to balance the argument. There is very little in the review that is going to offend these groups so they too will be content with the proposals. So we have both sides happy, Government is seen to be taking action and everyone is happy, is fishing anymore sustainable than it was prior to the consultation ? No it’s not. Noosa and the Sunshine Coast will be fished out within 10 years unless we take action to limit what we are taking out. I can put the Minister in front of long time residents who will leave him under no illusions as to how our rivers and seas have deteriorated. Just go look in the royal mail pub, the pictures are on the wall. I’m never going to see fish like that, let alone my grandchildren. The Qld Government has a record of every fish caught and released by a commercial fisherman lets have a look at that data. NSW records the data from tagged Billfish over the last 25+ years, 460,000 have been tagged and only 8,000 recaptured. Now if I was fisheries Minister I would be asking why ? When I posed that question they shut down faster than you can close a book. Why ?

Hi Sandy, I worked with Council to improve facilities at the boat ramps, a plan was drawn up and we managed to replace the fish cleaning table and area at Tewantin but unfortunately the program got caught up in the de amalgamation.

Thanks @gary-norris
. I believe Council has an independent consultant working on this atm and collating data, and will post up once that is completed as that will assist in the conversation?