Community groups and not-for-profits have an opportunity to earn some extra income by becoming a recycling partner, with either Envirobank or Return-It in the Noosa electorate. Obtain your Scheme ID as a school, charity, club or community organisation at then contact one of the recycling operators to discuss a potential partnership.

Samantha Cuttill – QLD Account Manager – 0477 020 088

Please refer to attached pdf download below for further Envirobank ‘Sporting/Community Group’ program details.

Return-It QLD
Head to the website at, contact via Facebook, or send an email to:

The development of Return-It has been many years in planning and draws on international experience combined with Australian innovation and know-how to offer a multi-levelled approach to encourage uptake from the community. At all Return-It QLD locations, we use the official COEX scheme ID. This means that any user who has set up a COEX ID can use it at any Return-It site across QLD. They do not need any additional accounts. By setting up a scheme ID through COEX, and using your ID when returning containers, you’ve done all you need. The refund amount will be deposited in the account linked to your scheme ID as soon as your containers are counted.
At Return-It QLD, social responsibility is a key component of our business model. This means we pay our charity partners for every eligible container that is returned through an Express location at their site, meaning users can choose to keep their 10c while also doing something good for the community. However, if you want to donate your whole refund to charity, this can be organised at all Return-It QLD locations.

Our Return-It QLD Express locations are designed for small volume drop offs at convenient in-store locations. It’s as simple as “Bag, Drop and Go”. Return-It QLD Express location model:
• Create your COEX ID by visiting the containers for change website at
• Place your eligible containers in durable slightly see-through bags, like the regular white kitchen tidy bags you can buy from any supermarket.
• Drop your bags at an Express location.
• Use the instore touch screen console to enter your Scheme ID, or use the charity’s ID if you want to donate to them.
• Enter the number of bags being dropped and receive a bar-coded label for each of your bags.
• The staff at the Express location will do the rest. Your containers will be collected, counted and properly recycled, and your account will be credited.

When recycling through Return-It QLD, customers can use their own bags such as a standard white plastic bin-liner. There is no requirement they go and pick up a specific bag before they can use the system. Return-It QLD customers can return any number of containers they like in each bag, we will count every container and ensure their account is credited for the correct amount. For more information visit

ABOUT: Return-It is part of Re.Group, an Australian company focused on providing high quality services for recycling and the recovery of resources from materials that society discards. With its highly credentialed team, Re.Group is supporting Australian communities to move towards a waste-free society.