It is FABULOUS to see the hundreds of loaded bags being dropped into the Envirobank pod today at Waves of Kindness (WoK) in Production St, Noosaville! However, can we ask everyone to be understanding in these first days as it is being VERY ‘overloved’ while dealing with the Christmas loads!

A couple of important points:
• The pod itself holds 300 full bags of containers at a time and is emptied daily
• This site is for not for commercial volumes. This is to allow for standard households to access. If you have stored commercial quantities, please utilise the full depots at Kunda Park, Buderim or Gympie, or store until a full depot is up and running in Noosa
• ‘Envirobank’ bags are provided purely to fill the supplied pod. 300 new bags are supplied every afternoon when the pod is emptied
• The initial 800 bags provided at the start have been exhausted through household’s Christmas backlog
• These bags are reusable and then recyclable at the end of their life
• Bags are given out in in lots of 2 to ensure everyone can get some
• Waves of Kindness and volunteers are generously assisting in this challenging time, they are not responsible for Envirobank rules regarding bags
• The MP office has an ‘emergency’ stash should you arrive on site after ‘rush hour’ and before ‘drop off’
FYI – What is ‘Crunch’ – Please find below the registration/drop-off process & payment choices for this type of process which pays direct into your ‘Crunch’ account. If you prefer cash, at this stage you still need to go to the nearest full depot locations at Kunda Park, Buderim or Gympie –

How does ‘Crunch’ work?
• Register online at to open a ‘Crunch’ account
• Take your ‘Envirobank’ recycle bag (available at WoK counter) to the pod during their business hours
• Log into ‘Crunch’ on your phone & click the recycle tab to ‘register a drop off’
• Verify location then use your phone to scan or type the QR codes on each bag
• Drop scanned bags into the pod
• You can then choose to use your ‘Crunch’ points to donate to Partnering Charities, spend with Product Partners or, receive an EFT payment through PayPal or your Containers for Change Scheme ID (sign up at

Note – Local and QLD charities are currently not national partners of Crunch, and I have made enquiries on how they could be included, if they wish to.