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The review of Council land, as well transfer of identified State land between Departments has been slow. Given the potential impacts of COVID on our existing crisis, it has never been as urgent as part of job creation to...

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Affordable housing update

The three identified sites (2 Council and 1 State) for mixed model housing are still in the ‘feasibility study’ stage to ascertain long-term viability. A meeting with community housing manager Coast2Bay CEO, Andrew Elvin, is due...

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Affordable Housing Update

As a result of the advocacy and search for land or suitable sites, in conjunction with Noosa Council, two sites are currently being assessed. Another site will also be part of this needs assessment to determine what can be...

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Talking housing

The Combined Government and Business Forum was themed on Infrastructure and Investment, and I took my 10 minutes to raise that ‘elephant’ – affordable accommodations, and what the proposed ‘4th industrial revolution’...

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Land for Housing (Tiny Houses)

Hi Sandy. At the Polkadot Tiny Houses 2 event you mentioned there was a parcel of land becoming available but you couldn’t disclose it for 2 weeks. Can you now release that information and what its zoned for? COMMENTS Hi...

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Housing and Energy

Securing affordable housing options and energy costs. PREAMBLE As local property prices escalate and mortgage and rental stress become more common, many employees are being forced out of the electorate. In addition, the massive...

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Our Future

Keep Noosa Independent Our Voice.  Our Noosa. Our Future. Noosa Pre-Polling Location and Times Pomona Early Voting Centre: Pomona Uniting Church Hall 27 Factory St, Pomona, QLD Australia 4568 Tuesday, 27/10/2020 09:00 AM –...

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Independent Member for Noosa

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