With the emergency accommodation situation now stabilized with available rooms on standby, this meeting concentrated on those mid- and long-term solutions that we have been progressing.  To have major stakeholders in the same room and on the same page has been invaluable and decreases the time in what can be a frustratingly slow process.

Housing providers continue to report general improvements for those applying for housing assistance, with the current areas of most need identified as single workers or young working couples. A reminder for anyone with a rental property to consider assisting our workers and families by head leasing your property to one of these providers who guarantee the rent and condition of your property. Please contact our office for contact details.

Updates from meeting included the following:

  • Noosa Council is undertaking a Housing Needs Assessment.
    • This is extremely relevant as planning schemes and development decisions fall under the jurisdiction of local government and are a vital component of meeting housing needs within any community.
      • Should this Housing Needs Assessment highlight any changes needed at a State Government level, we will take forward as previously in accessing the temporary planning instrument to allow Noosa Council to facilitate changes for secondary dwellings as reported in our March update. The Department of Housing alone has approximately 150 properties that could benefit from such a change and provide further options for assistance.
    • In response to housing consideration requests at a recent stakeholder meeting regarding the shortlisted Expression of Interest process on the decommissioned TAFE site, we outlined the reasons why this had not been considered due to bushfire risk, biodiversity overlays, koala habitat and Native Title. With the department in the last stages of selecting a successful proponent after Noosa Council declined to purchase the property, should the community and Council wish that a portion of the site be considered for housing, this would need to be clarified now. Even though State Government can override some council planning considerations, as when the Department of Fisheries new boatshed was built without approvals, I fought on behalf of our community to ensure it went through all necessary Council processes as that is appropriate. Should Council determine this a portion of the site should be considered, we will facilitate discussion with State.
    • After 4 years of efforts to secure support for housing options on the former HWNS site in Doonan, it was disappointing that this avenue has been negated.
  • Items identified as barriers previously were updated on, as well what is possible under existing planning laws. This included shared living via separate living pods on one title, connected with covered walkways, with no individual cooking facilities which could be considered as one house. With multiple examples and differing constraints, it is important seek individual legal and Council advice for specific circumstances.
  • The review on sites identified have not completed, though newly considered sites have been negated for several reasons including flood ratings and road access. Should Council ‘up zone’ precincts where State Government own housing, to attached versus detached, they will consider bringing forward renewals.
  • There are negotiations under way between community housing providers and sites, however due to the ‘commercial in confidence’ nature no further information at this stage can be reported.
  • State Government will soon be advertising for more headleases which we have outlined the benefits on previously. Thank you to individuals and real estate agents who have taken up this option, though more are needed.
  • A number of Development Applications are currently with Council on sites that have committed to community managed housing.
  • We are awaiting further information from state government regarding native title on land that may have potential for an affordable housing development. Work regarding this option has been ongoing for some time and will be followed through.


  • Many organisations and community developers have been contacting our office regarding affordable housing options they would like to work on. It’s important to note that any of these options must be approved under Noosa Council planning laws. Additionally, some funding may be available for organisations who want to partner with a housing provider, please contact our office if your organisation would like to be connected with someone to discuss options further.

With State’s role in limbo until there is either a site provided/sourced, funding required, or outcomes from Councils Housing Needs Assessment presented for any changes, we will be working on those ‘tick boxes’ that I mentioned in my speech in Parliament available here.

Our next meeting will only be held once Councillors have made determinations from the Housing Needs Assessment, possibly in December.

If you know of anyone experiencing housing difficulties, please contact the Housing Service Centre in Maroochydore on 5352 7333 or our office on 5319 3100. For Rental Tenancy issues, please contact 1300 366 311