The War on Wrecks forum hosted last month brought forward the eleven recommendations from the task force who we originally met with some 18 months ago. The relevance of these recommendation included the necessary legislative changes needed, not only to prevent the abandoning of vessels, but also determining if there are the laws and policies in which these can be done so quickly. Within the recommendations were a raft of proposals, including the introduction of licensing for juniors as well as place greater responsibility on boat owners. Ultimately, it is about behaviours, responsibility and having the mechanisms in place to monitor and ensure compliance as part of creating a safer and cleaner river. A newly formed Noosa River Advisory Board will be meeting in the next month once the full range of stakeholders is established and they will work on the areas that do not require the legislative changes and can be implemented now. I will be working alongside MSQ and Jake to ensure we have what they need. Attached below is the interim report.

I look forward to the inaugural meeting of the Noosa River Advisory Board.