As stated in the previous update, TMR, Noosa Council and QPS met on Thursday the 17th of September to follow up on from the meeting held at council between TMR, QPS, Cordwell’s Quarry, Noosa Council and myself, as well representatives from the Kin Kin Community Group. This was to assess the short, medium and longer term strategies to address safety issues, which may incorporate signalisation, signage, speed reductions and alternative routes for heavy vehicles. Alongside these strategies, Noosa Council is increasing its blitz’s regarding compliance to the QMP.

As a priority, maintenance activity will increase along Kin Kin Road, while investigating the possibility of future improvements. Within this maintenance activity is pavement repairs, drainage works and addressing priority vegetation to help reduce roadside hazards. It is anticipated that the pavement repair work will be completed within the next fortnight, weather permitting. Alongside the maintenance, road work on the edges and shoulders of the road where significant damage is occurring is expected to commence by the end of 2020, again, weather conditions permitting. Due to the road environment and terrain, it is not possible to widen sections of the road at this current stage. Eight traffic counting tubes have been recently installed at several locations on Kin Kin Road and Pomona Connection Road between the Bruce Highway and the quarry on Sheppersons Lane to collect vehicle numbers, speed and classification information to help further investigations. Finally, as an interim safety measure, temporary and permanent speed reductions have been introduced. Temporary warning and 60km/h speed limit signage has been placed along parts of Kin Kin Road, resulting in in a 60km/h speed limit from Sheppersons Lane, extending about 12 kilometres towards Pomona, to near Binalong Road.

Clarification has been sought from TMR, Noosa Council and the Federal Government regarding contracts with Cordwell’s, with TMR advising that there are no foreseen contracts with the State for Curra to Cooroy (section D) however they do have the Maroochy Road Contract to the south, and that those trucks will not operate during school bus hours. In the meantime, we are currently waiting on the outcomes of the Thursday meeting and have a follow up meeting with the Minister regarding the funding that will be required to implement what is recommended from agencies and Council to find a solution.

To reiterate there are many stories abounding which are incorrect and are causing increased stress and duress within our communities. Please assist by only sharing what has come from a credible course and not from hearsay or unknown sources.