A Marine Zone was setup in Noosa in 2009 under Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) legislation to manage certain activities within the Noosa River and to balance the needs of maritime users with local community concerns about amenity. Although Marine Zones are setup by MSQ, under the Marine Safety Regulation, these are done at the request of a local council under section 179, in this case Noosa Shire Council (NSC). The Marine Zone can be enforced by any authorised officer either from MSQ or NSC.

Information regarding the current Marine Zone and restrictions can be found at  https://www.msq.qld.gov.au/Waterways/Marine-zones and https://www.noosa.qld.gov.au/environment-waste/environment/rivers-creeks/noosa-river-marine-zone

No permits or relaxations can be granted even on a temporary basis, by either MSQ or NSC for anything that is currently prohibited as part of a marine zone. A marine zone would first require amendment. Due to NSC requesting the marine zone, MSQ advise that NSC are the relevant entity for also considering any amendments including regarding restrictions relating to jet skis and sea planes.

Noosa Council can be contacted via mail@noosa.qld.gov.au