Further to previous updates and following discussions between Sandy and Minister Scanlon, and also her staff, we have been advised the following:

  • Whilst a document listing sites for cabins/safari tents was sent as part of the EPBC referral process, these were only proposed sites to allow the EPBC to consider the project, who subsequently found that this project is not a controlled action as defined under the EPBC Act.
    • The proposed ‘cabins’ have been explained as purpose built eco ‘pods’ or ‘off grid tiny cabin accommodation’ to be built off site and supplied by https://cabn.life/.
  • Regardless of the EPBC findings, there are still environmental assessments and processes required at a state level, before finalising the locations of the sites and going before the Minister for final approval. At the time of writing, this final sign off has not occurred.
  • We have been advised that in total throughout the Cooloola Great Walk, they are considering 22 of the eco cabins (two of which are communal, the rest sleeping pods), and 6 safari style eco-tents plus 1 larger communal tent.

In relation to the $1.5m allocated for the Cooloola Great Walk which we reported in an update back in January 2021. This funding has not been ‘given’ to Noosa, as it is allocated within the department’s budget for the entire project which covers 2 electorates, Noosa and Gympie, and managed by them.

Questions relating to Native Title Claims, the Native Title Act, and Native Title Representative Bodies such as QSNTS, should be directed to federal government representatives as they fall under Federal jurisdiction, however some links below may assist:






As part of advocacy, it is important that all representatives responsible for the area covered by the Cooloola Great Walk are contacted which includes both Noosa and Gympie Councils, Sandy as the Noosa MP and Tony Perrett as the Gympie MP. Most of the Cooloola Great Walk is within Gympie boundaries for both local and state governments.

Tony Perret MP – gympie@parliament.qld.gov.au

Gympie Council – council@gympie.qld.gov.au

Noosa Council – mail@noosa.qld.gov.au

Sandy Bolton MP – noosa@parliament.qld.gov.au

Queensland South Native Title Services (QNTS) can provide assistance to Traditional Owners in relation to Native Title claims, if requested to do so. More information can be found at https://qsnts.com.au/ or phone 07 3224 1200. To read their ‘Policies and Procedures Relating to Performance Functions’ document, visit https://qsnts.com.au/pdf/Part11Div3NativeTitleAct-ExplanatoryDocument.pdf