Thank you to all Noosans who had their say regarding priorities for ongoing advocacy on behalf of the Noosa State Electorate going forward this year. There was some majority ‘votes’ such as 80% responders seeking to restrict vaping in public spaces, whereas it was divided on renewable energy targets with only 50% seeking an increase.

The survey was formulated based on concerns emailed or phoned through to us throughout last year. Please keep up the great work of raising items that we can improve in our home and greater Queensland or even how the annual survey can improve itself!

Many of the comments made in the survey have been addressed throughout the year with updates available on ‘Noosa 360’, where you can search for updates via topic. To keep informed, follow Sandy’s Facebook page and subscribe to Sandy’s monthly newsletter to get the latest news straight into your email inbox!

Top 3 local-specific State Government issues:

Survey respondents identified these as the top 3 most important issues for Noosa:

The full summary of survey results can be found here.