In response to the recent increase in truck movements on the ‘range,’ there are currently joint efforts underway to reduce impacts on our community and improve road conditions and overall safety. Increased activity from Cordwell’s Quarry has led to the disintegration of parts of the range road and safety/amenity issues for residents. In response, TMR had an inspection there within 24hrs of being made aware and interim works have since taken place, including a response to underground water issues. A public meeting was held on Wednesday the 19th of August at Kin Kin Hall to clarify to residents the roles of both council and state government in addressing this issue, as well as what can be achieved given that the quarry is operating under a legal permit and purpose. If safe to do so, it is requested that residents record incidences of unsafe driver behaviours or breaches of the Quarry Management Plan (QMP) and report it to either the police or Noosa Council.

TMR, Noosa Council and QPS met on Thursday the 17th of September to follow up on from the meeting held at council between TMR, QPS, Cordwell’s Quarry, Noosa Council and myself, as well representatives from the Kin Kin Community Group. This was to assess the short, medium and longer term strategies to address safety issues, which may incorporate signalisation, signage and speed reductions. Alongside these strategies, Noosa Council is increasing its blitz’s regarding compliance to the QMP. Additionally, requested of TMR was the support to Council in the provision of an advanced counter that would monitor not only movements, but speed and weights. This has been implemented, with 8 counters now placed from Kin Kin to Pomona. Clarification has been sought from TMR, Noosa Council and the Federal Government regarding contracts with Cordwell’s, with TMR advising that there are no foreseen contracts with the State for Curra to Cooroy (section D) however they do have the Maroochy Road Contract to the south, and that those trucks will not operate during school bus hours. In the meantime, we are currently waiting on the outcomes of the Thursday meeting and have a follow up meeting with the Minister regarding the funding that will be required to implement what is recommended from agencies and Council to find a solution.