In response to queries/suggestions to TMR I have obtained the following responses this afternoon –

WEIGHBRIDGE INSTALLED – as the loads are weighed on exit of the quarry, and on receipt at destination signed off, advised not required. As client is paying per tonne, and has legislative requirements to report, there is a double check.

BRIDGE CAPACITIES – Our small bridges have a 42.5T capacity, which accommodates those ‘As of right’ trucks under 19m loaded which these are.

LOOPS (aka ‘counters’) – There are 8 installed from Kin Kin to Pomona, and calculate speed, type of vehicle, and time between. The data after the first week is currently being analysed, however can take up to 2 weeks to complete and I will provide as soon as received.

MODELLING – currently in progress to see at what speed any ‘swing’ in dog trailers on bends is diminished.

SPEED CAMERAS – The installation of these is dependent on the data collected from the ‘loops’.

POMONA PARKING – Commencing 6th October, parking will be prohibited along a short length of Factory St at the intersection with Mill St in Pomona. This is to improve visibility and safety, following a sight distance assessment in response to concerns raised with TMR. About 60 meters of parking will be removed to enable motorists on Factory St to safety pass vehicles propped to turn right into Mill St.

BIKE RIDER AWARENESS SIGNS – will be installed on Kin Kin Rd. One sign will be north of Mill St intersection and the other will be north of the township of Pinbarren.

FURTHER WORKS – The assessment undertaken is currently with the engineers, and we will not know what is recommended until they have completed. However localised widening on areas that have been reported would expect to be done in the first part of next year. If you have not yet sent in pictures of areas you identified as dangerous, can you send to TMR and

LARGER WORKS – This requires capital funding as it would encompass as previously discussed a continuation of the ‘newer’ works into Kin Kin of about 2.5km, with about .5km so far identified on the other side. Residents have voiced concerns that should this work occur, it would encourage more or bigger trucks. A continuation of the standard currently on the range from my understanding would not accommodate bigger trucks, and the amount of trucks as we know is based on contracts, and how many can be loaded within the operating hours. This needs to be calculated properly with variables including the distance travelled for reload. It is important once we have relevant information from TMR to come together so decisions are being made as a united community.

TMR CONTRACT – Any trucks associated with the Maroochydore Nambour interchange to the south will not be operating during the school bus run times, commencing when school returns next week. I have further requested an expected end date of these movements.

To finish. As we identified at the beginning, there would be immediate efforts to decrease danger (interim signage, speed reductions, blitzes and monitoring) and rectification (patching up of disintegrated patches) which has been done or is nearly completed. This while the data is collected to initiate other measures, and other localised works are engineered. Many residents have indicated they don’t want the works, they just want the volume of trucks stopped/quarry closed which historically has not been possible. Whilst we continue investigating what is, it is important that everyone stays united, as I am receiving reports of divisions occurring between residents which will not help. Additionally, please desist from actions that may result in creating dangerous situations. I know how frustrated you are, as I am, however we need to focus, not fight.

If anyone has not the information provided previously by myself, Council or the KKCG, please let Jann Bonsall know on

Blessings everyone, and remember we have good teams working for us, including TMR and police.