• TMR has conducted an Australian National Risk Assessment Model (ANRAM) assessment of Kin Kin Road. Preliminary high-level findings from the assessment include:
    • When ranked in terms of FSI (fatal and severe injury crashes) per kilometre, it is number 316 of 614 state-controlled roads (which is around the median when compared to all state-controlled roads)
    • Based on this preliminary ANRAM analysis, Kin Kin Road as a whole route is not classified/considered as ‘high risk’
    • Further assessments are required to identify the higher risk locations on Kin Kin Road and to determine the effects of possible speed reductions.
  • TMR has installed and continues to monitor and maintain flashing school zone signs at two of the three schools located in the communities of Kin Kin, Cooran and Pomona:
    • Main Street outside Kin Kin State School has a 40km/h school zone and flashing school zone signs (installed in 2014).
    • James Street outside Cooran State School has a 40km/h school zone and flashing school zone signs (installed in 2020).
    • Station Street outside Pomona State School has a 40km/h school zone. Station Street is a cul-de-sac and does not have or require flashing school zone signs. Pomona State School has a supervised school crossing, which is located across Station Street.
  • TMR have advised that they will provide images of options for potential/additional ‘heavy vehicle awareness’ signage to be installed along Kin Kin Road.
  • TMR has stated that they will assess the impact of TMR projects on quarry operations (volume and duration), including the Bruce Highway Upgrade – Maroochydore Road and Mons Road Interchanges Project (BHMIP) and Bruce Highway (Cooroy to Curra) Section D.
  • TMR will also investigate scope to manage the quarry traffic through construction contract processes for TMR projects.

We are waiting on a response on three remaining items from TMR – truck free times on the range, dog restrictions and the size and timing of the Curra contract. As well, from the Minister for the Environment, regarding the review of the review process for environmental authorities.

Below is a basic map showing the sections where TMR has started early design investigations for road improvements (two priority sections, totalling three kilometres. Approximately .5 between the Pinbarren side of the range, and 2.5km on the Kin Kin side of the range). This will be posted out to residents in Kin Kin and Pinbarren in an upcoming survey prior to the next community meeting with a date to be advised shortly.