Following a meeting last week with Transport & Main Roads (TMR) Ministerial staff during Parliament, and as a follow on from our update of 13 May:

  • TMR is looking into options to require contractors to assess haulage routes for future projects
  • Bruce Highway (Cooroy to Curra) Section D:
    • TMR advises that Contract 1 is not sourcing material from the quarry at Kin Kin.
    • Contract 2 has only recently been awarded and as such, material supply has not yet been determined.
  • Bruce Hwy Maroochydore Interchange Project (BHMIP):
  • TMR advise that only a minimal supply of materials for the BHMIP is being sourced from the quarry at Kin Kin. It should also be noted that supply from the quarry is not a constant operation and is instead organised within defined periods within the BHMIP program of approximately two-week durations.
  • Cartage for the BHMIP is normally via truck and dog combinations (32 tonnes load).
  • For the remainder of the project, maximum forecast supply for fill operations of approximately two-week durations each will be a maximum of 40 loads per day for the next operation, progressively winding down to up to five loads per day over the next three fill periods.
  • TMR has requested that the contractor on the BHMIP haul outside of school bus hours.
  • TMR will supply us with the criteria used for the AMRAM assessment as well will carry out further analysis.
  • TMR will send us further information on the exact areas that are included in the upcoming shoulder strengthening works about to commence.
  • TMR is considering legal advice in relation to legislative powers to restrict access to State controlled roads. Historically, these temporary restrictions have only been applied to sections of road or bridges after flood inundation or similar events, to preserve road pavements or to undertake remedial repairs before normal load limits are returned. Placing temporary load restrictions on general access vehicles on Kin Kin Road could also have a negative impact on important community services, local businesses and residents, and could result in an increase in heavy vehicles using the road when loads are separated.
  • Translink are working with Council re the Cooran school drop and bus stop situations.

Whilst TMR have said that Translink have contacted local bus operators and are reporting no major concerns, we know that this must be an error. We have requested one of our operators using the range frequently for written information on incidents, and we will be taking this back to TMR urgently.

We have also requested Minister Bailey visit the area personally to see the impacts and are waiting for an available date.

Regarding efforts to obtain a review, of the review process of Environmental Authorities through the Minister if the Department of Environment and Science, we are still waiting, however have been advised that a response is imminent this week.

As some residents are aware, the Kin Kin range survey did not arrive as was organised with Australia Post (under investigation currently) and we are thankful to the local contractors who are ensuring that these are delivered to areas that missed out today and tomorrow. We have extended the response date to 11th June to allow time for this total failing. It is important to note that these potential works to the ‘bookends’ of the range has no funding allocated, nor designs, specifications or costings. The survey is to gauge the communities’ wishes in relation to any works for inclusion in advocacy efforts with the Minister.

A reminder for residents to please call me on 53193100 with any questions, or email/cc incidents/concerns to . Social Media can be invaluable, however as has been outlined previously, posts/comments cannot be tracked through our CRM to ensure they are actioned on and consumes valuable time that could be spent investigating, collating and chasing!

Currently we are waiting on the minutes from Monday’s Roundtable meeting from Noosa Council and will update again with anything not already covered in this post.

With only 3 short weeks until Council has the advises from their Barrister, followed by a full Community meeting date to be announced, can I ask again that everyone stay united, and desist from the accusations and misinformation over the last fortnight that is creating great angst.

We have a lot of really, really good people working hard for our community, and the greatest assistance you can give them is your support.

Warm regards