The following updates were reported to the Roundtable meeting on January 29:

  • A further fine of $27,000 has been issued for the quarry by Noosa Council. This is now a total of $80,000 in fines over 4 months.
  • TMR data collection reveal that generally there is good compliance with speeds by heavy haulage vehicles, however less so from other motorists. This has been confirmed by local police who have been conducting compliance operations. Important note for all motorists to adhere to speed limits as compliance efforts will continue and increase in coming weeks.
  • Speed limits on Reserve St are already 40kms in town near the roundabout and 60 kms approaching. Data collected has shown generally good compliance with these speed limits and TMR advises that these are appropriate and there are no plans for them to be reduced.
  • Noosa Council are working with 20 local residents to continue evidence gathering to support the proposed legal action against operators of the quarry.
  • Whilst there are no guaranteed outcomes from the proposed legal action, the community-council partnership gives the best chance for success in the Planning and Environment Court.
  • TMR’s pavement testing is now complete in preparation for upcoming edge strengthening of Kin Kin Rd. A date for this has not yet been scheduled.
  • Assessment by TMR on the timber bridges is nearly complete with two remaining. Those completed have been assessed as not requiring load limits or restrictions. We will update once all are complete.
  • Outcomes from TMR’s assessment of the full haul route has an estimated completion at end of February.
  • Whilst the Quarry Management Plan (QMP) outlines that trucks are to leave the property at 5min intervals, it is the general road rules that outline a gap of 300m between vehicles is required on roads. There is no time gap requirement for trucks entering the site.
  • We are awaiting responses from the Premier, Ministers Scanlon and Bailey which includes the lack of mechanism for review of the Environmental Authority, and information on levies reported as utilised in other States.
  • Noosa Council will continue working with the Barrister in coming weeks.

For anyone with queries about Council’s processes regarding the quarry, the Project Co-ordinator is Ian Williams, or 0437 071 835.

Questions sent to our office are forwarded to the relevant State Department with responses compiled and reported to the Roundtable. These can be viewed at