In response to concerns regarding increases in home insurance premiums due to changes in government mapping, in association with the Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan (CHAP), we have been provided the following information to assist:

“Coastal hazard assessments and mapping has been made publicly available by State and local government for many years, including to insurance companies, so the mapping released through the most recent CHAP was not a new event. 

In terms of how insurance companies respond to these matters, the Insurance Council of Australia Limited (ICA) notes that most insurance policies do not cover actions of the sea. ‘Actions of the sea’ typically includes rises in the level of the ocean or sea, waves, high tides or king tides and other actions or movement of the seat. Insurers also do not cover the future impact of climate change. This information is available from ICA’s website at

In light of the above advice from ICA, it is not clear why an individual’s annual insurance premium would be affected by the adoption of a sea level rise scenario in a state or council planning framework which reflects a risk emerging decades into the future.”

Anyone  impacted by these increases, should contact the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, who assist with complaints from homeowners on insurance. You can contact them on 1800 931 678 or via their website