Following on from our Education Forum “Blue Sky Thinking” cohosted with CQUniversity last year, even though I was unable to meet with David Runge from the Future Schools Alliance (FSA) pre-COVID due to being in Parliament, he met with our local Noosa Education and Training Alliance (NETA) at a presentation held at the University of the Sunshine Coast, “Over the Educational Horizon: Sparks of innovation in Schools”.

In touching base with Peter Hutton, Convenor of FSA last week, it has been good to hear that they have used the downtime due to COVID to refine their best practice models to assist schools in their endeavours for innovative, flexible and co-constructed learning. They have also developed a new 12 step framework, to be delivered in four workshops over three years, to help schools change ingrained attitudes towards education delivery by actively engaging students, parents and teachers. One of the outcomes from COVID is that schools and homes are now better equipped for remote learning so these workshops can be run virtually. For more information on the Future Schools Alliance please go to: