Following on from our September 2023 Noosa 360 update, which in summary relayed the CGWEP Noosa MP survey results,  a letter was sent on 11 September 2023, to both the Queensland Minister for Environment and the Queensland Minister for Tourism seeking a transition to a Cooloola Great Walk Ecotourism Project (CGWEP) that will deliver the outcomes sought by Kabi Kabi in relation to job creation, sharing of culture and returning to Country, that does not involve built structures. Additionally, Sandy advocated for a review of the Nature Conservation Act and its references to eco-tourism to address the concerns relayed in relation to the setting of precedents, and the ‘Cardinal Principle’.

As our office had not received a response by 27 November, Sandy asked a Question without Notice (QWN) to the Minister for Tourism in Parliament on 28 November as below, and available in the official Parliamentary Record here.

Sandy’s QWN

My question without notice is to the Minister for Tourism, Innovation and Sport and Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympics and Paralympics Sport and Engagement. With regard to my letter to the minister in September regarding transitioning the Cooloola Great Walk eco project to one that meets the needs of Kabi Kabi peoples to create jobs and return to country without impacts through permanent built accommodation, can the minister report on any progress made? 

Excerpts from the Minister’s response

I thank the member for Noosa for the question. I want to acknowledge how she has been truly representative of her local community in presenting to me some very strong concerns of her community towards the Cooloola Great Walk project, particularly the proposal for a private proponent to develop in the national park. 

I want to assure the member for Noosa that we will work with the local community, the member for Noosa and indeed, most importantly, the traditional owners, the Kabi Kabi people, to ensure there is an outcome at the Cooloola Great Walk that is in line with community expectations. 

Further information

For those wishing to also advocate with the relevant Ministers directly regarding the CGWEP, please consider emailing the following:

Please copy in our office via and forward us any response you receive.

To date, there is still no application before the Department of Environment and Science (DES) for this proposal, and we will continue to provide updates to Noosa 360 as further information becomes available. Public submissions may be made to DES regarding any and all aspects of the CGWEP, associated State approvals, and lease conditions (including an appropriate lease term). Any submissions received will be considered as part of its assessment should an application for the Cooloola Project be made by the proponent, and as part of the Chief Executive’s decision-making process should the project progress to final approval. Submissions can be made to DES at any time via this email (

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Native Title

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