As an Independent MP, it is important for Sandy to hear directly from Noosa constituents, as she does not simply adopt the ideology or beliefs of any particular political party, nor her own views, instead strives to represent the diversity of the Noosa State Electorate objectively.

Therefore, as our office does on issues that are complex or controversial, after researching and obtaining responses where possible to community concerns, we conducted a survey of Noosa State Electorate residents to understand their views on the Queensland (QLD) Government’s proposal for an ‘eco-tourism’ Cooloola Great Walk project including five eco-accommodation sites with cabins.  One of these sites is within our Electorate, the balance within the Gympie State Electorate, to be established and managed in partnership with the Kabi Kabi First Nations Traditional Owner Native Title Claimants and a private accommodation operator.

Summary & Response

The Survey ran from 1/08/2023 to 8/09/2023 and was broadcast as standard via Facebook, sent to our newsletter subscribers as well through newspaper columns and in radio interviews.

A total of 322 responses were recorded for the survey, with 26 responses invalid for the purpose of this survey, as they were from residents of other State Electorates.

The remaining 296 responses were from Noosa Constituents. Although a ‘small’ majority of 53.38% were in support of the current activities including bushwalking, kayaking, surfing, tours, camping as currently conducted, there was a greater majority against any form of new eco-accommodation sites. There was more support for these when undertaken only in partnership between State Government and First Nations people, however, the trend of opposition continued with 65.88% against this.

A common theme in additional comments provided via email, was the concern that this project would set a precedent for exploitation of our National Parks into the future and that the increase in visitors would lead to further degradation of the Cooloola area. There was also support for First Nations endeavours, however responders did not agree this was the correct path forward.

In response to this survey, Sandy has relayed these results, via letter sent on 11 September, to both the QLD Minister for Environment, Leanne Linard MP, and QLD Minister for Tourism, Stirling Hinchliffe MP, and is seeking a transition to a CGWEP that will deliver the outcomes sought by Kabi Kabi in relation to job creation, sharing of culture and returning to Country, that does not involve built structures.

Additionally, Sandy is advocating for a review of the Nature Conservation Act and its references to eco-tourism to address the concerns relayed in relation to the setting of precedents, and the ‘Cardinal Principle’. This is not retracting support for our First Nations People and their endeavours, rather clarifying how this can be done in a non-divisive way as we have seen the conflicted desires of our community to support Kabi Kabi endeavours whilst staying true to the intent of National Parks. Updates on these advocacies will be posted to Facebook and Noosa 360.

Full Survey Results by Question

Please find the graphs and results to each individual question below:

Q1. Do you agree or disagree with Single or multi-day commercial activities (bushwalking, kayaking, surfing, tours, camping etc.) as currently conducted, authorised by State Government?

Agree: 53.38%

Against: 38.18%

Undecided: 8.45%

Q2. Do you agree or disagree with the following activities (referring to eco-accommodation cabins) being undertaken in the Cooloola section of Great Sandy National Park

a) Traditional Owners in partnership with a private commercial operator, on sites leased from State Government

Agree: 22.3%

Against: 72.64%

Undecided: 5.07%

b) A private commercial operator on sites leased from State Government

Agree: 10.14%

Against: 85.81%

Undecided: 4.05%

c) State Government in partnership with Traditional Owners

Agree: 21.96%

Against: 65.88%

Undecided: 12.16%

Further information

Thank you to all residents who participate in any Noosa issue specific surveys, and/or our annual Noosa MP Community Survey as it is important to gather this information. For those wishing to also advocate with the relevant Ministers directly regarding the CGCWEP, please consider emailing the following:

Please copy in our office via and forward us any response you receive.

For participants from outside the Noosa State Electorate, thank you also for submitting, and we ask that you send your views to your local Queensland MP as any changes to current legislation would require a majority vote of MPs in Queensland Parliament. If you are unsure which electorate you live in, you can search at

Please see our latest update regarding the proposed CGCWEP at It is not a quick read, however, provides further knowledge on some of the complexities.

To date, there is still no application before the Department of Environment and Science (DES) for this proposal, and we will continue to provide updates to Noosa 360 as further information becomes available. Public submissions may be made to DES regarding any and all aspects of the CGCWEP, associated State approvals, and lease conditions (including an appropriate lease term). Any submissions received will be considered as part of its assessment should an application for the Cooloola Project be made by the proponent, and as part of the Chief Executive’s decision-making process should the project progress to final approval. Submissions can be made to DES at any time via this email (

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For any queries relating to Native Title, please contact your local Federal MP.

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