As has been widely reported in the media and online, I am deeply disappointed the Premier has announced that voluntary assisted dying draft legislation will not be brought into Chamber until 2021. The recommendations from the inquiry have been referred to the Queensland Law Reform Commission (QLRC) with a timeframe of March 1, 2021 for completion.

The angst and anger of Queenslanders is palpable and understandable in response. The rationale the Premier has given may have validity, however it does not ease the pain and heartache for our terminally ill who are suffering, nor their families and friends. Regardless of the issue, whether that be dying with dignity, sentencing for violent repeat offenders, or any aspect of our lives that is not meeting the expectations of our communities, we have a commitment to the people of Queensland to ensure these are brought into Chamber for debate. To not do so in a timely manner again demonstrates how our current politics and systems are failing us.

To all who came to us with heartbreaking pleas, and who have been on this journey with us during this term of Parliament and beyond, I am deeply sorry. We have failed you, and even though there is a commitment for draft legislation within 9 months, for many, this is too little, too late. My heartfelt wishes go to you and your families and be assured of my ongoing commitment to ensure your voices are heard where they should be, in the People’s House.

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