Late 2019 we were contacted by residents who had received speeding fines in the school zone outside Good Shepherd Lutheran College on Dec 5. We have been advised by the Office of the Hon Mark Bailey MP Minister for Transport and Main Roads that this was due to a programming error that has since been rectified. Queensland Police Service have withdrawn all speeding infringements issued on this date. As a rule, school zone speed limits only apply on days students are attending school. Please see advice from the Department in relation to the school zone outside Good Shepherd Lutheran College, and general information on school zones, below:

  • The traffic environment around schools is one of the more complex road transport environments normally encountered by motorists and children. This is due to the traffic density and pedestrian movements concentrated in short periods before and after school on school days.
  • Traffic control devices, such as school zones, are used to manage the interactions between pedestrians and vehicles, improving the safety of school children and road users around schools.
  • School zones are identified by signs which are displayed on approaches to the school and show the reduced speed limit and the times during which it applies on school days (days students are attending the school).
  • School days therefore vary according to specific schools.
  • In the case of the Walter Hay Drive and the Eumundi-Noosa Road school zones servicing Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Noosaville, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) understands that the last school day for students was on 4¬†December 2019.
  • The school zone would not have been active on 5 December 2019.
  • A programming error saw two of the five flashing school zone signs (one in Goodchap Street and one on the southern end of Walter Hay Drive) still flashing on 5 December 2019 at the time Queensland Police Service (QPS) was enforcing the speed limit in these school zones.
  • As soon as TMR became aware of this error, the signs were turned off.
  • QPS is also aware of this error and all speeding infringements issued on 5 December in this location are being withdrawn.
  • Infringements are a matter for QPS as the issuing authority. Additionally, TMR cannot enquire about the specific infringement with the details that have been provided.

We hope that all impacted have had their infringements withdrawn, and if not, can you please contact us on 5319 3100.

For more information regarding school zone speed limits, please see links below: