The consultation period for the AirServices Post Implementation Review (PIR) has now been completed. The PIR analysed a range of community, industry and Government suggestions on flight path changes to address reported issues and selected options for further review, the most relevant to Noosa being:

  • Shift the MOOLO SID departure path from runway 31 further north over Lake Weyba to shift the flightpath over more cane fields and reduce the population exposed to noise
  • Shift the runway 13 and 31 REBEG STAR from the north further east over water to avoid Teewah Beach
  • Shift the runway 13 RNP-AR short approach slightly south to be equidistant between Marcus Beach and Castaways Beach (so 300m closer to Marcus Beach) to provide an equidistant split between Castaways Beach and Marcus Beach, providing more equitable noise sharing.
  • Make various improvements to the noise abatement program

There are still additional steps to occur, with Air Services stating (in italics) the following steps will be followed:

The recommendations from this PIR will be implemented through Airservices’ flight path change processes. This involves a series of stages, depending on the complexity of the change, such as:

  • Design – including a safety assessment, simulation, and community and industry engagement.
  • Environmental assessment to confirm any impacts, the nature of these impacts and if referral to the Federal Minister for the Environment is required, due to the significance of any impacts.
  • Community engagement to seek input to the detailed proposed change or change options.
  • Final design to respond to community feedback.
  • Regulatory approvals as required.
  • Publishing of the new flight path or procedure ahead of implementation.
  • Community information to ensure awareness of implementation of new flight paths/s procedures.

View the PIR draft report here

View more information regarding the runway changes and associated flight paths here

This information has been provided to assist residents, as the aviation is a federal government matter, should you require assistance with any state government matters, please contact our office via or 5319 3100.

For any enquiries relating to the Federal Government and flight paths please contact your local Federal (Commonwealth) MP’s office: