To access alll photos from the event, head here. Order of ceremony is alphabetical as per organisation.

Chris Paterson – Bamboo Projects

Chris has dedicated his life to supporting people with complex mental health concerns and disabilities.

Chris has done a 14 month run, ride and kayak around the entire coastline of Australia to show the importance of exercise, nutrition and meditation to gain a better mental health.

He has fundraised to get Australia’s first ever wheelchair accessible boat that offers a free service and is run entirely by volunteers. He has volunteered to clean up an illegal dumping ground on crown land enabling it be regenerated for the koalas and other wildlife that have been known to inhabit the area.

And most recently Chris has been volunteering in a collaboration between Bamboo Projects and Ocean Crusaders to run several environmental clean-up programs. In these programs, Chris invites youth who are at risk of marginalisation to attend to provide meaningful volunteer experiences and to connect back to their community and environment. These activities have seen several clean ups, such as a recent one involving 8 million pieces of marine debris being removed from K’Gari Fraser Island.

Irene Christie – Cooroora Historical Society

Irene Christie’s love for research of history has taken her to many places around the Noosa Shire. Irene has researched historical buildings, people and places. Her research has unearthed many different aspects of life of the early settlers and how they made do with what little they had. Irene has catalogued and written about the history of our beautiful Shire, and we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we don’t go to the Cooroy Genealogy Society and Noosa Historical Society Museum and read about our history.

Bruce Cabot – Cooroy Camphor Laurel

Bruce is the much-loved foreman in the very successful not for profit group, Cooroy Camphor Laurel. He is a lifetime member and has been a volunteer in the group for over 15 years! Being their longest serving active member, nothing is too much trouble for Bruce and his woodworking and general handyman knowledge is astounding and widely respected in the community. With a cyclone Tracy reconstruction heritage from his time in Darwin (his nickname!), Bruce is one of those rare selfless individuals who goes out of his way every day to assist others, with the word “no” not part of his vocabulary.

Diane Baker – Cooroy Pomona Lions Club

Diane Baker has been a valuable member of the Lions Club since 1987 and she transferred to the Cooroy Pomona Lions Club in 2003. A Lions Club motto is “We Serve” and Diane’s 35 years of service is truly impressive.

Diane has been a stalwart for the club and has been on the Lions Club executive committee in various roles including Secretary, President, Vice President, and Liaison Officer mentoring a new Lions Club at Gympie. A special attribute that Diane is known for is her ability to mentor others and this is evident in her support with new members and the newly elected members on the executive committee.

Diane is a much-loved volunteer and over the years she has participated many club projects including youth of the year, school breakfast club, market BBQ’s, bookshops, cake stalls, raffles, poker run, Christmas Carols, King of the Mountain, plus many more activities.

Diane also has a great love for sewing and attends the Sewing Goddesses which is a charity project of the Lions Club.

Con Bleyerveld – Cooroy Pomona Lions Club

Con Bleyerveld has been a valuable member of this service club since 2007.

“Give your hands to serve and your heart to love” – this Lions Club motto sums up Con’s commitment and dedication to the club. Over fifteen years Con has represented the Lions as a quiet achiever with a big heart.

Builder by trade, Con has used his skills to renovate the old forestry building – with the assistance of club members (The Building Committee). Over two years, and after many hours of work our new clubhouse was established. The facility is used for club meetings and also available for hire for private functions and community activities. The Building Committee, Chaired by Con has been monumental in fixing, building and saving the club lots of dollars over the years.

Con was elected Club President in 2010 and has always been committed in helping others. Con has volunteered on a variety of club projects and activities which includes Market BBQ, selling and distributing Lions Cakes and Lions Mints, bookshop, poker run, King of the Mountain, raffles, working bees, maintenance and so much more.

Ron & Betty Sutton – Cooroy-Noosa Genealogical and Historical Research Group

Ron and Betty Sutton have been very active over many, many years undertaking research on the history of the hinterland and Noosa Shire. This history of the early settlers must be preserved for future generations as many do not know the history and hardships that have brought us to the beautiful places, we see around us today. History is all around us and it is only by the work done by dedicated historians like Ron and Betty that we can appreciate what a truly valuable place we live in. Much of Ron and Betty’s research work can be found at the Cooroy Genealogy Society and Noosa Historical Society Museum.

Bev Warner – Cooroy-Noosa Genealogical and Historical Research Group

Bev Warner has been instrumental in creating the Cooroy-Noosa Genealogical & Historical Research Group, along with a handful of other equally motivated volunteers. The Group started in 1996 in a rented basement of an older wooden Girl Guides building in Miva Street Cooroy. Bev has grown up in the Noosa Shire and has always had a keen interest in Family and Regional history. Bev Warner nee Ross has helped countless people find their family story and seems to instinctively know where to look and go for new information. Bev and her fellow Members, raised money through raffles and plant and jam sales and applied for Grants at every opportunity and managed to raise enough money to build the Heritage Centre at 17 Emerald Street Cooroy on Council land. Our Heritage Centre opened 5 years ago and is quite an accomplishment.

Bev Warner and her fellow researchers, have created a haven for people in the Noosa Shire to develop skills through inhouse education sessions and guest speakers, zoom talks and online forums, whilst creating a place to socialise and make new friends. The age demographic for the group is 60 years of age, and through shared goals and objectives, keeps people connected. Bev always has a smile on her face and is ready to help people to reach their goals.

Jill Brownlee – Friends of Noosa Botanic Gardens

Jill is President of the Friends of Noosa Botanic Gardens and joined the Friends in 2014 as she saw the potential to hold events to attract more people to the gardens.  She was the driving force and founder of the annual Father’s Day Plant Fair which grew to be a much loved and well attended event put on hold during covid. Recently with the support of Noosa Council the Friends have encouraged people to enjoy art and music in the Gardens on the first Sunday of each month. Jill volunteers in most aspects of the organisation and is a family friendly face at the gardens.  Jill is always energetic, encouraging teamwork, reliable and always looking ahead on how to improve the gardens and the Friends.

Willy Ostwald – Friends of Noosa Botanic Gardens

Willy has been the secretary and the propagation team manager for the last three years.

There are a variety of plants grown in the Propagation Facility including rare and collectables, sourced from the Noosa Botanic Gardens as well as from collectors and members’ personal gardens. Many of the plants go back into the Gardens with the rest offered for sale to the general public at our three Saturday morning Plant Sales during the year. Funds raised from these sales go back into improving the gardens.

In addition to her hands on work in the garden, Willy has also put her impressive business skills to good use applying for grant applications and developing operational systems for the organisation.

Richard Marsh – Friends of Noosa Library

Richard has been a volunteer with Noosa Library Service for over 5 years. During this time, he has been tireless in his commitment to the library and the Noosa community.

Richard is always willing to help, no matter the task, he is enthusiastic in his service.

He regularly assists in running events, is a wonderful connector between community members and the Heritage Team and is crucial to delivering the library’s Home Service program. As part of the Home service program, Richard has personally selected and delivered thousands of items to housebound members of the Noosa community. His dedication to the Noosa Shire is additionally reflected in his role with the Noosa Rotary Club where he participates in programs to better the lives of community members.

John Loveridge – Katie Rose Cottage

John came on board as a volunteer financial “whiz” soon after the Katie Rose Cottage Hospice charity was formed in 2016. With the skills and knowledge attained over many years working in the finance sector, he has streamlined the accounting system and created order and structure to their systems. He works both in the hospice administration office and from his home – checking accounts daily and always being on call if needed. He does this with great diligence, endless patience, and good humour. He is a valued member of the Katie Rose Cottage Hospice team, and they would be lost without him!

Susan Jones – Katie Rose Cottage

Susan volunteers in both the hospice and in the opportunity shop in Cooroy.

In her hospice role, Susan is the first person to greet visitors and guests of the hospice, she performs cleaning tasks to ensure the facility is immaculate and she is an accomplished foot and hand masseuse (so appreciated by our guests). She always goes above and beyond the expectations of the role.

She cooks meals and treats for the guests, their families, the staff, and the volunteers – often bringing food from home. Each Christmas morning, she to cook a beautiful roast dinner for guests, families, staff and volunteers even though she has family commitments at home.

Very importantly, she spends quality time with guests and families during what is a difficult and emotional time. She is accomplished, dedicated, compassionate and reliable and is a great buddy and mentor for new volunteers as she is an outstanding role model and a patient and inspiring teacher. She also volunteers as a retail assistant at the opportunity shop – her role includes customer service, sorting donations and cleaning/dusting.

  Mike Rider – Noosa Beach Classic Car Club

Mike Rider has been the President of the Noosa Beach Classic Car Club now for the past 5 years.

He is constantly working to improve the Club, testament to the fact that the club is now one of the largest Car Clubs in Qld with more than 500 members. The Club also have 3 major events every year – The Noosa Beach Classic Car Show celebrating its 34 year this year and the Noosa Winter & Summer Hillclimbs. These events require a lot of organizing before and after the event and Mike is always doing so much to get these events running from installing safety barriers, moving lawns, painting, and building grandstands. At the moment, he is busy building a club trailer that will be used as the timing control room for these events. On each of these 2 day events he will be the Track Marshal – the most important position that needs a lot of skills and looks after the safety of all participants and spectators on these days.  He always is full of enthusiasm and energy taking the lead to get the ball rolling.

  Lola McDonald – Noosa District Netball Association

Lola is one of the founding members of Noosa District Netball Association who was responsible for coordinating the participation of Noosa teams in a Gympie competition and holding various positions on the Association. Lola is a well-loved Life Member and Patroness of the Association sharing her netball passion, extensive knowledge, and support to everyone at Noosa Netball.

   Deborah Johns – Noosa District Netball Association

Deb Johns is one of the founding members and has been a member for 45 odd years of Noosa District Netball Association. She is now a Life Member and despite her grown-up children being no longer involved in netball still gives tirelessly to netball, coaching juniors for the Tewantin Netball Club as well as coaching the Under 11 Development squad for the Association. And if that wasn’t enough Deb is also a member of both the Umpiring and Coaching Committees. An extremely dedicated, well-loved, and valued netball volunteer.

   Judy Robbins – Noosa District Orchid & Foliage Society

Judy has been nominated for her outstanding volunteer work and donations of collectible plants to the Noosa Botanic Gardens. Judy has been a volunteer for more than 15 years and has given many rare and collectible plants to the Noosa Botanic Gardens.  Judy has been part of a small team that has maintained the old and newly acquired shade garden.

Her wealth of knowledge about orchids and other plants housed in the shade garden has been invaluable. The Botanic Gardens benefited from her experience, enthusiasm, and many years of loving care.

   Lois Walters – Noosa District Orchid & Foliage Society

For her work done at Noosa Botanic Gardens sharing her extensive knowledge and volunteering to improve the gardens including the Shade Garden.  As well as donating plants she helped with pruning, weeding and general maintenance of the gardens.   With the Noosa District Orchids & Foliage Society she is a life member having been involved with the group for over a decade and was for many years the Treasurer.

   Jonathan Moses – Noosa Dolphins Rugby

John has volunteered his services for the Noosa Dolphins Rugby Club since 2004. He is the club’s physiotherapist and is the head of the club’s medical department. John coordinates the medical teams on game days and provides medical assistance, strapping, first aid treatment. On training nights provides physio and medical advice to all areas of the club. John has conducted training sessions to proactively benefit players health both mentally and physically and provides advice in areas of concussion management and other player welfare areas. John manages all logistical medical supplies and works closely with committees and players to ensure the best professional care. John’s skills have had him represent at State, National and international level.

   Peter Cutcliffe – Noosa Dolphins Rugby

Peter has been a volunteer at the Noosa Dolphins Rugby Union Club since 2013. In this time he has held positions on the senior club committee and holds the portfolio position of maintenance project coordinator.

Peter’s responsibilities and tasks include home game set up and workplace health and safety, coordinating and working at club working bees, coordinating, and working major projects such as new car park, safety signs and speed humps, upgrade of field lighting, club security systems and the electronic score board project to name a few. Once Peter and crew set up for home games, Peter takes over as the senior score board operator.

On special occasions he becomes Santa’s helper or the Easter Bunny taking out bags of goodies, as well as delivering birthday cards.

  Kym Anderson – Noosa Library Service

Kym has been a volunteer Adult Literacy Tutor at Noosaville and Cooroy libraries for about ten years. During this time, she has worked tirelessly as a classroom tutor in our Everyday Australian English class , a one-on-one tutor to numerous learners in Literacy, Numeracy and English language, and has actively participated in the planning and delivery of Adult Literacy and ESL lessons,

More recently, Kym has made a significant contribution to establishing our popular Back-to-Basics class. Kym’s warm, positive attitude is infectious, and she has been instrumental in changing the lives of dozens of our learners. Thank you, Kym.

  Mick Hooper – Noosa Little Athletics

Mick is obviously a much loved coach as he was nominated three times.  He is Head Coach for the centre and he volunteers 6 days a week from 4pm until whenever the squad want to leave. He has never not shown up to training, apart from the time he had hip surgery.   Mick goes to every single carnival, spending 3 days minimum in Brisbane, Sydney and even Perth. He is the most supportive coach and is responsible for fitness of the squad both mentally and physically.

   Carol Watkins – Noosa Open Studios

Carol’s contribution crosses throughout the shire.  In 2006 she joined the Cooroy State Emergency services and in 2014, Carol was named Regional Member of the Year for the North Coast Region of the State Emergency ‘in recognition of successful progression from general member through to Deputy Local Controller and as well as holding executive positions, continuing to be an active member attending activations, training and supporting your community.’  In 2016 a Board member of the former Cooroy Lower Mill Board Inc then became Chair of the Butter Factory Art Centre.  In 2018 she was elected President of the Cooroy Future Group. Until 2021 when Carol returned to the position of Chair of the BFAC management committee, a position she still holds today.  In
2022 Carol has taken on the role of President of Noosa Open Studios after being a participant each year since its inception 2016.

   Peter Holliday – Tribal Communities Inc

Peter is the President of Tribal Communities and was the instigator of one of their projects, the Noosa Outback Magazine and website which promotes our Noosa hinterland villages (Boreen Point, Kin Kin, Pomona, Cooran, Cooroy) as well as those in Sunshine Coast & Gympie. The magazine is subsidised by the organisation, Tribal Communities Inc and 12,000 copies are printed each quarter and distributed throughout the coast.  Peter can often be found driving around the region distributing the magazines to cafes, information centres and clubs.  He is just as likely to be found cooking up a sausage sizzle and is not one to sit idle and is always one to role up his sleeves and help out where needed.

   Chris Horan – Noosa Outrigger Canoe Club

Chris Horan has been a member of Noosa Outrigger Canoe Club for many years. There is no one in the club that works as hard and puts in as many hours as he does. He is responsible for the maintenance of all club equipment including canoes. As the 6-man canoes are stored out in the weather and have to regularly cross the Noosa bar they are constantly needing repairs. The club has 12 canoes on Chaplin Park with some of them now 17 years old so showing a lot of wear. Chris not only keeps these old canoes seaworthy but maintains the newer canoes in peak condition for racing.

After the February floods Chris was busy making repairs to the club storage facilities which were inundated and making an audit of what we had lost or was damaged.

As if that is not enough Chris is the coordinator/organiser for inter club regattas. These events take many hours to organise with over 500 paddlers coming to Noosa to compete. From Council approvals to MSQ approvals, Safety fleet, course markers, First Aid, marquees, parking, power, cold rooms and catering he has it all covered with the assistance of a team of club members.

Chris is on the Noosa Outriggers management committee which meets every month but is also constantly in touch with each other as matters arise. He always makes himself available for club matters yet still manages to actively train and compete. He is a role model for club members and totally deserves recognition.

  David Gilbert – Noosa Shire Arts and Crafts

David joined the organisation 14 years ago and has always been a willing helper behind the scenes. For many years he was on the Management committee and was a founding member of the Noosa Open Studios and a participant award winning artist ever since its inception.   No matter what is asked of him, he is always willing to help out.

  Jim & Sandy Barclay – Pomona District Meals on Wheels

Jim & Sandy have been long time volunteers for Pomona District Meals on Wheels working both in the kitchen and delivery. In later years they have done deliveries only.  For Jim & Sandy it is not only the delivery to people, it is the welfare of the client as well and on more than one occasion they will call if they have concerns for a client, and when followed up their fears have been duly founded. Pomona District Meals on Wheels would like to make them wear a big V on their heads because they consider them the ultimate in true volunteers.

   Maureen Farrington – Red Cross

Maureen has been doing great work for so many years. Despite how much she is doing, she ALWAYS makes the human she is talking with feel valued and worthy of her time, and never gives the impression she needs to rush somewhere else. Anyone who interacts with her would sense the great person she is, and her very non selfish intentions makes her a very rare gem and unsung hero to our community. Talking with her makes it so obvious she is so selfless, genuinely caring for the well-being of others, extremely respectful about the experiences of those she dedicates her time to, and definitely a valuable volunteer for the Noosa Community.

  Geoffrey Bone – Rotary Club of Noosa Heads

With over 53 years of Rotary Service, 30 of which have been in Noosa, Geoff is still going strong and is currently president of the Rotary Club of Noosa Heads.

His achievements include initiating then leading the multi-club Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) campaign for nearly 10 years, improving driver safety for over 6,000 Learner or P Plate Students; This year under his leadership, the Rotary Club of Noosa Heads achieved record community donations, with nearly $20,000 raised for Flood Relief in Maryborough which two months later were followed by a $30,000 multi-Rotary club campaign for Noosa Floods. He has been the driver for 10 AEDs (Defibrillators) to be deployed along Noosa River, and is instrumental in the success of many, many more Club projects  such as PTSD awareness, Busking, Qld Flood relief. Approaching 90 Years of age in November, Geoff is an inspiration for his dedication to the community, to Rotary and volunteerism in general.

  Leonie Quin – Rotary Club of Noosa

Leonie Quin started her nursing training at 17 years of age at Bendigo Base Hospital in Victoria and later worked for 22 years as a Registered Nurse for the Association for the Blind at Mirridong, Bendigo.

In 1998 Leonie and her husband Stan relocated to Noosa where she began 26 years as a Registered Nurse at Carramar, Noosa Care Inc. and is currently working in their Dementia Unit where she cares for those living with Dementia and provides counselling to family members.

Leonie, together with her husband, has been an active member of the Rotary Club of Noosa for the past 20 years where she spends much of her off-duty hours raising funds for local and overseas Rotary projects that benefit many less fortunate children and adults. Her fundraising includes Eumundi Markets car parking and sausage sizzles at Bunnings and for the past 15 years she has assisted with Sunshine Coast Legacy’s annual Badge Week. She is also active in the collection and packing of medical supplies and equipment for shipment to several developing countries. Until the COVID-19 pandemic halted international travel Leonie and her husband used their annual leave for visits to an orphanage in Shimla, Northern India and the village of Rajasthan, India where she provided clothing, food, milk and blankets for indigent children. On visits to Vietnam she provided rice and clothing for another orphanage.

As a frontline worker her compassion and dedication to the aged people she cares for and to less fortunate adults and children in developing countries together with her continuing work within the community make her a person worthy of recognition.

  Patricia McAlister – Smart Pups

In 2000, Patricia set up her own business as a Dog Behaviourist, doing ‘in home’ training for problem dogs, as well as running a successful puppy preschool and adolescence dog group training class. Her clients mainly came from recommendations from local veterinarians and dog training schools.

Patricia was asked by a client to help train a dog for a child in a wheelchair with various disabilities. Seeing the difference an assistance dog made to the independence of this child, Patricia was on a mission to train more assistance dogs!

To learn as much as she could about training assistance dogs for children, Patricia went to the USA to join 4Paws4Ability and worked a 6-month internship. Seeing for herself the amazing success of dogs helping children with disabilities, Patricia was convinced the internship was well worth it to have this knowledge and train these dogs back in Australia.

Smart Pups was then launched in 2011. To date in 2022, Smart Pups have now changed the lives of over 250 families training autism service dogs, seizure response dogs, medical response dogs and PTSD support dogs.

  Glenn Puckeridge – Smile for a Child

The Smile for a Child foundation (SFAC) was established in 2006, and Glenn “Puck” Puckeridge, in his role as bar Manager at Noosa Tewantin Golf Club (and now in retirement), jumped right in to champion the cause. Club managers in the Noosa area met at Tewantin Noosa Golf Club and formed a group to start a golf charity day for Clubs QLD’s Smile For a Child Foundation. That first golf day was in 2007, and was supported by a raffle, both of which were very well supported.
The aim of SFAC is to raise funds, via huge raffles and an annual golf day, for children who are in vulnerable situations, whether due to social, economic or health circumstances. This year it is expected the foundation, largely due to Puck’s efforts, will reach $500,000 funds raised, averaging over $33,000 per year! These monies have been distributed to local children and their families, or local charities also supporting children such as Starlight Children’s Foundation, Sunshine Butterflies, Sunny Kids, Kids Foundation, Hear & Say Centre, Seahorse Nippers, and Frangipani Dreams.

Glenn has developed a wide network of friends, colleagues and connections, including many famous sporting and business-people who are happy to lend their name, time and influence to support fund-raising and/or to attend to present cheques to worthy recipients of the monies raised. The patrons include locals Evonne and Roger Cawley, and Michael and Susie O’Connor.

Now Glenn is retired he spends several days each week selling raffle tickets, ringing around his network to charm donors into benevolence and providing raffle prizes and other support, or organising cheque presentations and other events. He is so well liked and respected in the local and wider communities, and the cause so worthy, that he never has trouble getting support. Glenn has a heart of gold, and his altruism, generosity, empathy and hard work should be recognised by the wider community. I’m sure this nomination would be supported by each and every patron, sponsor, recipient and raffle ticket buyer!

  Jill Agnew – Sunshine Butterflies

Jill Agnew has been a volunteer at Sunshine Butterflies for 2 years.
Jill volunteers in the gardens to keep the native and non-native garden beds healthy and safe for all of our members and community.
Jill also volunteers weekly in the art program that supports people living with disability to achieve their creative goals and enjoy art in a social setting. Jill arrived at Sunshine Butterflies early in the morning and is there until late afternoons, she puts in many hours within the day and always goes above and beyond her volunteer role.Jill does everything from pool care, playground clean-up, weeding, painting, helping with the farm animals and encouraging and cheering on members.

Jill is our art coordinators sided kick and helps out with preparing art projects and also leads members and staff in the projects. This is a huge help to such a broad program.Jill is always using her initiative to help out with anything at Sunshine Butterflies. She has a great relationship with all of the members and staff, they don’t know what we would do without her.  Jill joined as a volunteer as she felt it was the time in her life to give back to the community and she has certainly done that, and more!

  Kathleen Spinks – Sunshine Butterflies

Kathy Spinks has been a volunteer with Sunshine Butterflies for 2 years and volunteers her time 2 days per week in their programs and activities. Kathy started off assisting in the gardens doing a wonderful job maintaining the 5-acre property. Sunshine Butterflies very soon realised how great Kathy was with their members and Kathy has now moved into the cooking program twice a week. Kathy provides great support to the cooking program as she assists members and staff in preparing, cooking, and serving up healthy and nutritious meals.

Kathy is a great companion for our members and is adored by all of the staff, members and families. Kathy brings so much warmth, love and care to members living with disability and has been a consistent role model on their lives. Kathy comes from a family with lived experience of people with disability, so she knows very well how to care for and ensure people living with disability are safe, comfortable, and respected. Sunshine Butterflies appreciates everything that Kathy brings to Sunshine Butterflies. Kathy jumps in whenever needed in events, different volunteer roles and is always there when needed. The world needs more people like Kathy!.

  Michael Boyle – Tewantin Noosa RSL

As the Treasurer, since March 2020, for the Tewantin Noosa RSL Sub Branch, Michael Boyle has instituted new processes into our in-office financial procedures and also introduced the MYOB system resulting in a much more stable process, and most importantly, a higher level of accountability. His attention to detail has enabled the Tewantin Noosa RSL Sub Branch to attain paperless reporting resulting in major cost saving benefits. His financial expertise has allowed our organisation to conduct our annual veteran memorial events, such as ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and Vietnam Veteran Day with zero discrepancies resulting in greater connection to our community and cementing the importance of our Veterans.

  Jenny Rooke – Uniforms 4 Kids

Jenny runs, and works tirelessly for, the Cooroy branch of Uniforms4kids. She has done this since 2017. Every week she organises the ladies, collects the uniforms from various police, border force etc offices, assists with delivering them back to those organisations, so they can distribute them to wherever there is a need. She also sews an average of at least 30 items at home each and every week and has her sheds full of stock waiting to be sewn. She Creates amazing items for children in need.

The Cooroy ladies have made over 20,000 items during this time, under her leadership.Imagine 20,000 children in need have benefitted from her amazing work!!! Recently they had a message from Quilpie thanking them for the work that went into vests for the children to wear for outings etc. These were all made by Jenny herself all from hi vis police outfits!

  Sharon Cummings – Waves of Kindness

Sharon has worked tirelessly for Waves of Kindness and in its previous configuration of Alpha and Omega for decades in varying capacities.

Sharon consistently and passionately displays the charity’s values and vision to see local communities heal and thrive by breaking the oppressions of poverty, violence, sickness, distress and other social injustices.

Sharon has in recent years, developed and implemented the arm of Waves of Kindness, the organisation’s Care Team. This Care Team with the profits from their shop, supports the people in our community who struggle to pay bills, feed their family or need support when suffering from domestic and family violence to escape, feel safe and move on to a better life. Her insight and her capacity to go above and beyond for our community is truly inspirational.

Sharon also coordinates the School Breakfast Club which, in conjunction with Food Bank Brisbane supplies ten local schools with food and supplies for the attending children to enjoy and benefit from a good, healthy breakfast to start their school day. As well as coordinating this amazing program, Sharon attends one local school every week to serve the breakfasts to the children and is loved and appreciated by all at the school.

Sharon attends the local network meetings to keep up to date with all the other organisations who are helping in our community and to share with the network the services and support that is available from Waves of Kindness. A true community network and a true community spirit.

Sharon continues to work hard to share her knowledge and demonstrate her commitment to inspire and motivate those around her who volunteer at Waves of Kindness. Her care and compassion for those who are struggling for whatever reason in our community is limitless and humbling.

Sharon’s voluntary work with Waves of Kindness is invaluable to this charity and her experience, compassion, faith and empathy combined with her passion and tireless enthusiasm is acknowledged by this nomination.

Vivien Griffin – Zero Emissions Noosa Inc.

Vivien is the founder of Zero Emissions Noosa Inc in 2016 as the volunteer community group to raise awareness and develop strategies with the community towards zero net greenhouse gases in the Noosa Shire by 2026 through increased solar uptake and the use of EV vehicles.

Her foresight and vision have seen her as the project leader of a number of ZEN Inc’s key projects, including the Community Battery Working Group to investigate the use of a community battery to assist in storing otherwise wasted solar generated power for within the Noosa community; the Solar for Strata project to work with bodies corporate to work through the barriers to their uptake of solar to reduce emissions. Vivien has organised the Noosa EV Expo annually for 4 years to highlight the development of EV vehicles and their role in reducing emissions to make transport more sustainable.

Vivien has made a significant contribution to the Noosa Community as Noosa Shire Councillor and as one of two Noosa based Councillors on the Sunshine Coast Council after amalgamation. Some of her significant contributions to the Noosa are include her organization of community action that lead to the Marcus Dunes area being included in Noosa National Park; playing a major role in the development of the Noosa Council Walking & Cycling strategy over many years; her contribution to the town planning in the Noosa Shire and many other initiatives too numerous to detail here. She was President of Sunshine Coast Environment Council for many years – the peak body for environmental groups in the region and has been a long-time campaigner for environmental and conservation values in the region and in Noosa Shire.