After what has been a lengthy process, Noosa Council has passed the draft Terms of Reference for the co-chaired Noosa River Stakeholder Advisory Committee with an increase of committee members from 10 to 12. Both myself and the Mayor will be observers as we are on other tables/groups, with the first meeting to be held within one month of finalising membership, which will open for applications through an EOI process anticipated to commence early this year. You can view the minutes from this Council meeting here.

Potential committee members are expected to have knowledge and expertise of management issues associated with the Noosa River and its catchment and can represent community interests and communicate to as many members as possible in identified community sectors. Once this process is open, we will post up a link to apply, as well update from the meetings and progress.

A reminder that if you or anyone you know is experiencing any issues on the river, the MSQ office at Noosa Marina is open and fully operational Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm. If for any reason Jake has to duck out, the before and after hours numbers are posted on the door.