As mentioned in our September 2023 Noosa 360 update, Maritime Safety QLD (MSQ) initiated new speed zones in the Noosa River. They are now progressing stage 2 via legislative changes, including anchoring limitations.

The following is an extract from MSQ’s recent media release regarding:

  • Following extensive public consultation of the management of the Noosa River, Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ), has developed a number of strategies including new speed zones, anchoring rules to ensure safety and equity of access for all the users of the Noosa River.
  • In September 2023, in time for the school holidays, MSQ initiated new speed zones in the river, which have been well received by the community based upon feedback to date.
  • In preparation for the next steps in the future management of the river, MSQ has been assessing the safety of anchored vessels and auditing them for compliance of pollution prevention requirements, to address safety and environmental concerns on the Noosa River.
  • MSQ’s priority focus is to ensure vessels are adequately prepared for storm seasons and are protecting the river’s environmental values.
  • MSQ is also progressing legislation to effect further waterway management reforms, including anchoring limitations, following public consultation.

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) is progressing priority initiatives on the Noosa River to improve safety and environmental outcomes, while working on legislative reforms for better long-term management of boating.

MSQ, as the State’s maritime regulator, has surveyed vessels anchored in the river to assess how they can best be managed in the event of storms or flood this summer.

MSQ has also undertaken an audit of anchored and liveaboard vessels to ensure compliance of marine pollution prevention requirements, to protect the river’s environmental integrity.

These activities follow MSQ’s introduction of new, lowered speed limits for vessels before the September school holiday period and its subsequent enforcement compliance campaign.

MSQ enforcement officers conducted compliance inspections of 180 vessels during the September school holiday period, handing out 50 infringement notices, mainly for offences against safety requirements (mostly lifejackets), speeding and “distance off” rules. Further, MSQ Maritime enforcement teams have undertaken a number of compliance activities over the last few months, including during the summer period. 

There are heavy penalties for non-compliance, with speeding, anti-social behaviour (hooning), lack of required safety equipment (including lifejackets) and licensing some of the main areas of non-compliance to date.

Education and communication with the community will be a priority for MSQ as the process of implementing the reforms is progressed.

The Noosa River is home to a range of activities and users and, in acknowledgement of the role the river plays in the lives of locals, the Queensland Government through our MSQ officers will be reaching out to stakeholders in a supportive manner.

The continued and equitable use of the river in a safe and sustainable way, by all, will continue to be a priority for the government.

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Further Information

In response to our advocacy regarding navigational aids in Noosa River, including whether they can be lit at night, Maritime Safety QLD (MSQ) have provided a response which is available at

Our office will also continue to report feedback from residents regarding river management concerns, such as problems with navigation, to MSQ. For anyone wishing to contact MSQ direct, please email or call 5373 2310 during business hours or 07 3623 3900 for after hours for incident reporting, who can advise our full-time Noosa based officer of any issues for his follow-up or you can email him directly at

Further direct advocacy regarding this or any other matters related to TMR can be directed to the Queensland Minster for Transport and Main Roads via Please cc’ our office in via and forward any response you receive to us.

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