Thank you to all who participated in the 2019 Survey. With nearly 750 responses, it has provided a sample of the diversity, as well as commonality in resident’s views. However, I would like to see more people engaging in the future to capture a greater sampling – so please share next year!
As suggested, an improvement is to provide background documents for those who would like to learn more on specific items, as part of increasing knowledge and enabling more informed decision making, and we shall be doing this in advance on Noosa 360.

In response to the hundreds of comments/questions, we are currently collating them under broader headings to make it easier for readers to digest. (This information will be available within the next week). That way there is no replication, with information supplied on what has, or is being done, or is planned.

As you will see, many of the comments are related to other levels of Government, and we have noted this as simply ‘Council’ or ‘Federal’. We have forwarded these to the relevant level without any personal details (to ensure that your privacy is retained), which will mean that you will not get a direct response. However if you would like a direct response, please send your concern to either Noosa Council, or your local Federal Member via contact links at

There were also many comments on items that have already been addressed. It is somewhat concerning that through all the avenues utilised including monthly newsletters, Facebook, media, columns, and Noosa 360, many are still unaware of the status regarding items. These include the decommissioned TAFE, Beckman’s Rd, and hulks in the Noosa River. Please encourage other residents to join Noosa 360 to search on any issue to view its progress.

Below is a brief overview with regard to questions supplied, relating to Noosa ‘local specific’ State issues, and also the broader State-based items.
The priorities were generally equally spread, with many respondents stating that it was difficult to prioritise one over the other, as all are equally important! However, this sample has assisted in providing direction to where extra efforts and research will be spent this year. It was interesting that the issue of most concern at a ‘coalface’ level over the Christmas / New Year period, litter and the Container for Change Scheme, did not come into any priorities. This would then indicate that overall this is not of concern, and more an isolated issue derived from the ‘teething’ problems that are common with new initiatives and change.

Overwhelmingly as seen on the infographic, there was solid support for the majority of items polled, with Daylight Saving showing a smaller majority of support at 66%. Once these are items that are brought before Parliament, or tagged for review, then information and reports will be posted up to 360. From here you can do some research, discuss, and present a range of views as part of knowledge-share where all aspects can be presented, questioned and respectfully debated.

From the survey comments, you will see that there are many areas of concern, often with deeply opposing views. One is fishing in Noosa waterways. Even though 80% supported a decrease in commercial fishing, one half of comments stated that fishing is substandard compared to the past and needs reform, the other saying that there is no problem and to leave it as is.

This is a fascinating and hotly contested topic, especially given the interesting debate of the impacts of recreational fishing versus commercial fishing activity. We have tagged this topic for hosting on 360 within the next month or so in order for everyone to look at all aspects, including the uploading of the QLD Sustainable Fisheries Strategy 2017-2027 document for your prior perusal.

Thank you again everyone, and if there are any topics from comments you would like to explore further, please let us know. I look forward to seeing you online in the knowledge-share and constructive debate at Noosa 360 over the coming months!

Warm regards,


Noosa MP Survey 2019 Results