As an Independent MP, Sandy strives to represent all of our electorate’s diverse viewpoints, and direct feedback is greatly valued to help inform advocacy as we don’t ascribe to the views or ideology of a particular political party, nor Sandy’s own.

We are conducting a survey of Noosa State Electorate residents to understand their views on the Queensland Government’s proposal for an ‘eco-tourism’ Great Walk project including five eco-accommodation sites, one within our electorate, to be developed and managed in partnership with the Kabi Kabi First Nation Traditional Owner Native Title Claimants and a private accommodation operator.

After completing this survey, for those wishing to comment further, please email us via with your full name and address. All comments and details provided will be confidential and are only required as verification of residency in the Noosa State Electorate.

The Survey can be completed at and closes 12pm on Friday 8 September 2023.

Results from this will form part of our ongoing advocacy with the Ministers for Environment and Tourism

NOTE: Please be aware that currently no application has been submitted to the Department of Environment and Science (DES) for this proposal, and we will continue to provide updates to Noosa 360 on our website as further information becomes available. Public submissions may be made to DES regarding any and all aspects of the Cooloola Great Walk Project, associated State approvals, and lease conditions (including an appropriate lease term). Any submissions received will be considered as part of its assessment should an application for the Cooloola Project be made by the proponent, and as part of the Chief Executive’s decision-making process should the project progress to final approval. Submissions can be made to DES at any time via this email (

Further information

Please see our latest update regarding the proposed GCWEP at It is not a quick read, however, provides further knowledge on some of the complexities.

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