Spring is definitely in the air! Between the hum of bush bees, flirting wood ducks, hatchings and fragrant blooms, there was space to contemplate a non–native which pops up?

We often refer to and hear about ‘elephants in the room’. What does that really mean? The Cambridge dictionary defines as ‘that there is an obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about’. This month we saw a couple of those – though not in the way we normally may interpret.

As our fires have been covered extensively (thank you again to everyone!), including during my Adjournment Speech in Parliament this month, let’s discuss the ‘elephant’ in this particular ‘room’ – cool burns. Our office received emails/calls/FB tags opposing the use of these. When fuel loads and weather create dangerous conditions that can lead to ‘wildfires’, these controlled burns are utilised to reduce risk in order to save residents and wildlife. Elder Tais K’Reala Randanpi spoke recently about the need for more of these burns, as well as greater understanding and utilisation of Indigenous knowledge. He explained that regular controlled burns train young wildlife how to cope with smoke or fire, giving them more chance of surviving a major bushfire. Put into context, the cool burn that was opposed, could have saved the homes of Noosa Springs should the Peregian Fire have continued unchecked. A good discussion to be had as part of being a bit more understanding of our ‘Firies’ (including those with QLD Parks & Wildlife Service) who work in prevention and risk their lives to save ours.


L-R: Speld celebrating 50 years; with regional DV Coordinators Vicky and Tess

Secondly, the behaviour of a minority. I have spoken about this before, however in light of incidents in past weeks, is worth revisiting. We saw disgraceful littering at Little Cove, creating a ‘blame game’ storm on Facebook including “where were the police, rangers, Council?”. The reality is that at any given moment, our front-liners cannot be everywhere, at every time. The simple, effective mechanism to deter and combat poor behaviour is to communicate by giving offenders a friendly ‘tip’ or hand to clean up (education?), or alerting the appropriate authorities. Deepest gratitude to those who continue to clean up, pick up, communicate and work to offset this behaviour, you are gold. To those that continue with abuse, blame and make offensive comments, without bothering to obtain facts, shame. The ‘elephant’ here is the increasing targeting of our workers and each other that in public domain is not a good look for our community.


L-R: At water bombing HQ with rural Firies; Parliament House with our Multi Models

Number 3. Representatives including MPs are elected to make decisions based on credible information. This can at times be straight forward, at other times not so. With opposing analysis and conflicting data, recommendations from committees (who can have internal dissent), vested research, independent inquiries (that still can be contested), full agreement is a rarity. Democracy at its most basic utilises the consensus of the majority to determine what decision, and action, is taken. However, as we have seen here, and overseas, the minority that misses out may not accept the outcome and concentrate all efforts on undermining. As well, the speed in which new information and research floods in, decisions can become dated before they are implemented, further undermining the process. So where is the elephant? The importance and recognition of the role that every single person, and their expectations, play in the decision-making process. Because within a democracy, Government will deliver to what the majority expect in order to get re-elected.

All good fodder for your consideration, and I look forward to your thoughts as always!


L-R: Wildlife rescuers at Peregian; Noosa Pirates presentations; “Catwalk for a Cause”, Cooroy

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And Finally…

What a month we’ve just had – where do I even start? From tree plantings to farewelling loved ones; averting disasters to celebrating our emergency services; from ‘catwalking for a cause’ to heated debates in Parliamentary Chamber. As well, a number of hot topics here at home including shark nets, feral pests/baiting and straying livestock – much learnt, reflected and acted upon, as well honoured.

Coming up we have ‘back to back’ sittings, commencing end of year visitations and updates, as well cohosting the ‘Blue Sky’ education forum, where 80 of our education leaders will come together at the CQU. Speakers include Pasi Sahlberg from the Gonski Institute and Peter Hutton from Future Schools, and for the many who have asked for these to be recorded, they will be and posted up via Facebook. This event emanated from the research of one of our Noosa work experience students, and an intern. Targeted, informed and respectful advocacy is powerful, and in this case, has led to a gathering that is more than happy to tackle some of our other ‘elephants’?

What an amazing community we have, with fabulous people and a next generation to applaud! Thank you to all who make it happen.

As always, warmest regards and enjoy the ‘pondering’,

Sandy x