October 2020 – Edition #31

To say it has been a busy month of extremes is an understatement! In addition to normal MP ‘business’, we had campaigning, 2 weeks of pre poll and an election day. Such an abundance of good, as well some questionable bits?

Let start with our ‘normal’. Highlights included citizenship ceremonies, sporting group events, charity fundraisers, a 100-year celebration at Tewantin Noosa RSL, and being a superhero for just an hour? ???? More of our community organisations received grant funding which is always exciting, business launches and the opening of ‘nature play’ at C&K Kindy where I got to enjoy a ferry ride, without any water needed!

Then there was the ‘not so normal’. Interviews, election questionnaires, television cameras, more interviews, and did I mention… interviews?

As well, much to our community’s disappointment, behaviours during this election that were not reflective of who we are, and what we aspire to. Integrity, credibility, accountability, and reliability have never been more important in our world. It is time for parties and candidates to respect residents by putting an end to campaigns designed to misinform and mislead. Your voices were very clear to the party and candidate involved, now let’s hope they listened.

Noosa MP Community Survey Results

Thank you to the hundreds of residents who took the time to have ‘Your Say’ in the annual Community Survey as your feedback is always invaluable!

No real surprises this year, and as I did with voluntary assisted dying, I will take forward those issues that you overwhelmingly supported, as well as any ‘local’ issues not already in the commitments list.

The top three local specific State Government issues for at least 60% of survey respondents are as below, with full results available at Noosa 360. Our MSQ officer Jake and the advisory group will be provided with all comments.

From the Chamber and Beyond

No Parliamentary sittings this month as we were and still are in caretaker mode.  With a change to the cross bench I will need to ‘rejig’ the traditional end of year Valedictory Speech to reflect, which will be delivered at the first sitting of the 57th.

L-R: Playtime at C&K Tewantin; Celebrating 100 Years of Noosa RSL Sub-branch; Noosa Biz with new Horizons Mag!

From the Inbox

COVID-19 matters continue to be predominant in our ‘inboxes”, and even though there have been further relaxations including to border openings, it has continued to be tough for many.  Also, the lack of available rental properties throughout the Sunshine Coast has reached a critical situation in response to overwhelming demand. For any experiencing difficulties with their current rental or have been given a ‘Notice to leave without grounds’, it is important that you contact the Residential Tenancies Authority for assistance or advice via www.rta.qld.gov.au/

Election time created some serious jams, and we apologise for any delays in responding. Questions around pre-poll, postal and phone voting, as well assisting residents to apply for postal applications and responding to many questions on policy and fact checking had us working around the clock. In addition, complaints around the pre poll site of Bushlands, and I have written to the ECQ regarding as it was a totally inappropriate location for the task and volume. If I have missed any messages or tags via Facebook, please call or email me as those inboxes exploded!!

We continue to work with all involved regarding the inappropriate volume of truck haulage throughout our hinterland. A 10-year old independent report highlighted that the infrastructure could not support 80 truckloads per day let alone 200. My latest Noosa 360 update outlines current efforts, and once out of caretaker I will be meeting with the Minister as this is an urgent priority.

On the Homefront

A great month on the ‘hustings’ (such a strange word?)  with incredible wishes of support and an electric vibe that was pure Noosa! It was fabulous to see both 2 and 4 legged ‘tealers’ on the campaign trail, and my eternal gratitude to all who shared why keeping Noosa independent was so important. Many thanks also to those who worked in difficult COVID safe conditions to provide opportunity to ‘grill’ candidates, including Noosa Chamber of Commerce & Industry volunteers who found how live streaming can have one ‘steaming’ in frustration when technology fails!

It was also a month of gatherings – from micro to expansive!  The first meeting of our Affordable Housing Project Action Group sent participants off with their tasks, with the next meeting shortly.  Zoom hosted the Noosa Care Inc AGM, and to get updates on their expansion plans was welcomed for the continued care of our loved ones. Peregian Family & Friends, Pomona & Districts Community House, and a host of Noosa ‘Biz’ launches demonstrated that the entrepreneurial spirit of Noosa is in full swing.

And there were wonderful catch ups at the Noosa Dolphins sponsors day and the first ‘big’ event Noosa Beach Classic Car Club with their dream machines, including some very special teal ones! Noosa Open Studios hosted Deckchairs on the Green which put art into our seating, and a treasured opportunity to drop in on our talent on the trail!

The official ‘let there be light’ for the Noosa Pirates with their lighting upgrades brought back many memories of when my youngsters raced around those fields, and what a joy to see Joyce Cunningham and Elsie Dalzell be awarded for the spirit, care and efforts throughout their lives that inspire us all.  Similarly, honouring Ken Kipping for 40 years of service as a JP, reiterates what we would not have without those incredible people who donate their time so selflessly.

The Tewantin Bendigo Bank was host to Youturn’s event highlighting youth homelessness across Australia, and why it’s up to all of us to address the reasons the basics of shelter has become a crisis for so many, including our working families and retirees. As I have said before in a country of plenty, this is unacceptable.

L-R With Graham in the ‘Teal’ ride at Noosa Beach Car Club Show ???? ; Joyce & Elsie are awarded at Cooroy RSL.

Grants and Funding Announcements

Another $1,610,000 into our community! This time to improve and create new links within a priority section of our hinterland trails network. This as part of helping communities recover following natural disasters as we had from fires last year. Congratulations to Noosa Council and Tourism Noosa for their work in proposing the project and making application for the funding. To read more about the funding program, please visit www.qra.qld.gov.au/LER

For current government grant opportunities see the QLD Government Grant Finder or Grants Guru.

Parliamentary Speeches and Questions

All speeches can be viewed on our website here.  Recent Questions on Notice (QONs) and speeches can be found below:

  • Housing Affordability – 10 September 2020
  • Energy Generation – 9 September 2020
  • Noosa Electorate, Community Safety – 9 September 2020
  • Operation of Parliament – 8 September 2020

Recent Questions Without Notice can be found here.

Have Your Say

WORLD SURFING RESERVES – Consultation is now open regarding protection of QLD’s World Surfing Reserves. Have your say until 30 November at yoursayhpw.engagementhq.com/qld-world-surfing-reserves

VOLUNTARY ASSISTED DYING – QLD Law Reform Commission is open for submissions on VAD until 27 November and you can read more at www.qlrc.qld.gov.au/current-reviews

Current government public consultations can be found at www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au/gi.
Current committee inquiries can be found at www.parliament.qld.gov.au/work-of-committees/inquiries

COVID-19 Recovery Assistance Links


L-R: Just a few of the many ‘Teal Army’ memories. What an incredible community we live in!

Mobile Office

Being out on the streets during election time, it was a mobile office every day! And with Christmas approaching, it will be lovely to see everyone street side and at events getting into ‘ho-ho-ho’ mode.

L-R Noosa Open Studios Deckchairs; Our newest citizens; Noosa Pirates Activate! Initiative – new lights!

Office Reminders

Our marquee and trailer are now back into action, and community organisations are also welcome to use our photocopier for newsletters, please phone ahead to book. As always, we are here to help so please just call or email!


With so much to share, stay up to date via  NOOSA 360 , Facebook page updates or our monthly newsletters. Columns are in Noosa News , Noosa TodayCoolum AdvertiserForest Star, Cooroora Connect and Eastern Beaches News.

And Finally….

I just want to say how humbled and privileged I am for the incredible support and faith you have shown in me during this time and it is my absolute honour to be declared your official Member of Parliament. Additionally, a huge thank you to the ‘teal army’ aka Team Noosa, both 2 and 4 legged, for your incredible efforts, and to everyone who rallied to keep Noosa proudly ‘Independent’(fist). WE DID IT!! (Clap Clap) Through the power of people with wonderful intentions and aspirations, and a community that inspires all of us to do so much better. There is much to say, however will leave that to next month!

With everything finally official, our office is operating as normal and now that we are back into full swing, watch out as here we come!! ????

Blessing and deepest of gratitude. Even though it has been an exhausting month, it has been the most exhilarating

Sandy ????

Ps. It has been lovely to see some much-needed rain, however remember to be both flood and fire ready!