As our community celebrates the roadmap for our borders reopening, we are mindful of confusion and concern from already impacted businesses and residents. This was highlighted in my MPI on COVID-19 transition  speech in Parliament recently, calling for much needed clarity around proposals.

This included the inevitability of the Delta virus spread, with vaccination debates and hesitancy lingering. In response I caught up with our very own Dr Ian Norton from Respond Global to ask questions on behalf of residents and COVID-19 claims that have been shared on various social media platforms and into our inboxes. Please grab a cuppa (it’s 40 minutes so you will need!!) and check out the interview at  In addition  we have summarised previous questions to our office over the last month and posted these with researched responses to Noosa 360 at

Through the tumultuous weeks in Parliament, Noosa provides the needed balance of serenity combined with fabulous initiatives and events. Our people, our community, our natural environment; so much beauty, so much to celebrate and be mindful of, so much to advocate for and do in the lead up to Christmas! ????

L-R: MP after hours with Kombi Clinic; Beach mat joy with Daisy; With the Minister for the Environment

From the Chamber and Beyond

October held two parliamentary sitting weeks with multiple Bills and speeches including the Housing Legislation Amendment which attempts to improve the realities faced by tenants and landlords in what can be a challenging relationship. However, as I outlined, it does nothing to ease our housing crisis, and all levels of government must increase efforts on behalf of all Queenslanders. You can find my full speech here.

My Private Members’ Statement highlighted the impacts of malicious and misleading posts and comments, harassment and bullying, even when cleverly disguised. We must create a space where you, your children and grandchildren can connect without fear. Freedom of speech comes with the responsibility not to humiliate, vilify or denigrate. It is up to all of us to clean up the social media realm!  ????

Having advocated for improvements and greater transparency for 2 years now on our current portfolio committee system, to sit on a panel with ‘architects’ and former MPs/Ministers Judy Spence and Lawrence Springborg AM, as well Speaker Curtis Pitt MP was invaluable in highlighting areas to improve.

As well, to see many more MP’s joining in our efforts through calls last week in their Statements of Reservation for a needed review or ‘renovation. With QLD a unicameral parliament, having the most effective committee system possible is essential to deliver the best outcomes. You can view the panel event at

Before and after Chamber hours, we learn much at a variety of events, including a seminar conducted by the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine, the Diwali & Annakut night of lights and Indigenous Business Month, just to name a few. To keep up to date please follow the Sandy Bolton MP Facebook page.

In addition to my Legal Affairs and Safety Committee’s current workload, including my Statement of Reservation to our Report #17,  there are multiple Parliamentary Committee inquiries open, all of which can be found at

L-R: SBSHS Academic Awards; Dining In Night @ Cooroy Pomona RSL; Pharmacy Guild Awards 

From the Inbox

Our Minister for the Environment Meaghan Scanlon did a ‘whirlwind’ visit to our beautiful home to familiarise with some of our ‘bug bears’, though not enough time to cover all!

The North Shore poor behaviours, congestion, rubbish dumping and the porta potty debate, to the beginning of the Cooloola Great Walk and community concerns including the consultation process. Then onto our National Parks and need for extra resourcing and the management of identified risks, whilst catching up with Plastic Free Noosa hero Jarrah and our black glossy legend Spencer, who both as young advocates enjoyed the opportunity to share their work. Although not enough time to visit all areas, rest assure that all concerns were highlighted.

Following questions in Parliament as well as multiple letters, it was welcome news to see that the delayed Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service’s Master Clinical Service Plan has been released. We will now dissect the report to analyse how it serves the current and future health needs of our electorate.

With fire, storm and flood season upon us, a reminder to make your preparations including cleaning out gutters and any combustibles close to our homes and having your emergency/evacuation plan completed and shared with the household. From what we experienced during our last fires, it is so important in your essentials ‘kit’ to include prescriptions for your medications. For resources on how to prepare, head to

As always there is much to share that we cannot fit in! Regular updates are posted to Noosa 360 at, including from the Kin Kin Roundtable, oversight of local government and the Noosa River Advisory Group. As always, email our office on or phone 5319 3100 if you any require assistance.

L-R: Mondays with NICA; Parliamentary Committee Panel; With Dr Ian Norton from Respond Global

On the Homefront

A glorious ‘Dining in Night’ was hosted by the Cooroy Pomona RSL Sub-Branch, and I was honoured as guest speaker to share insights into Parliament, as well, how Shoey and I met at the RSL some 15 years ago? It was wonderful to catch up with so many beautiful buds including Shirley who has just turned 90, Ruth and Pat, and to have lively debate on many matters with our patriarchs whom I have now known for 30 years!

Presenting new shirts, caps and PPE via those amazing Boomerang Bags to the Noosa Integrated Catchment Association volunteers who work tirelessly for our community had the bonus of learning more on our fragile systems! A truly informative evening where current projects were showcased including ‘Get your Wetlands’ and Oyster Farming. We can all be part of their efforts including developing your own Urban Wildlife Garden where for just $30 Project Co-Ordinator Michelle will come to your garden to assist with advice and plants!! To register visit  ????

The team at the Tewantin Noosa Bowls Club presented their designs for covered all weather greens and revamped interiors and exteriors with a cool coastal theme. Llew O’Brien MP, Cr Frank Wilkie and myself look forward to the commencement of staged plans, and those final celebrations at completion ????

All came together for a day to tackle a mock flood at Boreen Point as part of ensuring we are ready for a predicted big ‘wet’. To see everyone from our police, SES, Seqwater and Energex through to the media and community teams outline at each stage what is done, with what resources, and in what order, reiterated again my enormous gratitude and respect for what they do. As I have been reminding in posts recently – are YOU ready, as we have a responsibility to do our bit, so they can do theirs!

The Sunshine Beach State High School Academic Awards night was glamourous, backed by the most incredible music from students that had us all spellbound whether the Sonors Percussion Ensemble, Concert String Orchestra or the Big Band! Privileged to present the Year 12 awards, I was again in awe of our youngest Noosans, whose passion and commitment shines the brightest of lights to our future. Congratulations to all and your families, teachers, support networks, and sponsors for a brilliant evening! ????

The launch of WomenKind Australia, with Mayor Clare as patron, was dynamic and very much welcomed! With a focus to connect, encourage, educate, and empower women to become leaders in our community, WomenKind aims to evolve in both purpose and outcomes, with the ‘Mingle with the Mayor Ball’ event demonstrating what can be done with $280 000 raised for Sunny Kids for needed extra DFV counselling and support in the Noosa Shire ????

The Seven Flags Information Centre served our community starting in the 80’s connecting visitors with attractions and accommodation where my Electorate Officer Lisa worked straight from school! From there, it has hosted various restaurants, and now after some love, is home to Team Body Corporate and Stay Property Group. Thank you to all for a wonderful launch and the funds raised going to Sunshine Butterflies.

Pheww! Then much, much, more! Visits with the St Vincent de Paul team, to the annual Sunshine Coast Business Council Government and Business Forum and the regular Councillor update, plus the Kin Kin Round Table and Noosa River Advisory Group.

Immersing in the Floating Land installations was a real treat for all including Bear who managed to attract every twig into his coat? ????  Sadly I caught a ‘bug’ (no not that one!) and could not attend the Tewantin Noosa Lions Convention opening Ceremony as no-one would have appreciated that ‘share’!

And a beautiful moment was catching up with Daisy and Libby, who 12 months ago came to with the need for an all-accessible beach mat for main beach. My commitment of $10,000 and assistance from Cr Amelia and Noosa Council means we are that much closer to this becoming a reality. ????

With the St Vinnies team!!

Grants and Reminders

For further State Government grant opportunities see the QLD Government Grant Finder or Grants Guru.

Parliamentary Speeches and Questions

Recent Questions on Notice (QON’s) can be found here. The latest speeches can be found below: 

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Office Reminders

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L-R: WomenKind Australia Launch; Diwali & Annakut celebrations!; With Small Biz Commissioner

And Finally….

With Christmas nearly upon us, we are busy making many preparations, though not all specifically for Santa? With border openings comes great joy for so many, however, also concerns for this MP! Ensuring we have supply in vaccinations, testing outlets and hospital capacity is just the tip of the iceberg.

Whilst sharing wonderful times with family and friends, be mindful of those incidents when overindulging or exploring bush and beach, to reduce the load on our ambulances and emergency departments. Policing resources are essential as the influx of visitors will put a strain on our networks, with another accident on our North Shore recently demonstrating that regardless of our efforts for better behaviours, we still have a cohort who put themselves and others in danger, including our wildlife. The hotter days combined with congestion and car parking woes no doubt will add to some hotter tempers! So please, plan to take the opportunity to bike/walk or bus where possible or enjoy some cooling breezes via the ferry or a canoe! This slower pace gives time to chat with others, immerse in our home, and enjoy all those festive decorations throughout our streets!

Already our organisations across the electorate have been making extra provisions in emergency accommodation, counselling, and those much-welcomed festive food hampers for our most vulnerable. Always remember there is no shame in seeking help or accepting offers of assistance from those around us who love and care about our wellbeing. For anyone feeling unwell physically or mentally, now is the time to reach out before the intensity of the holiday season arrives. That includes preparations and bookings to avoid long queues/waits or supply shortages, whether that be for a toothache or vaccinations.

With mask mandates, vaccination requirements, borders and other restrictions changing frequently, it is important to check the latest information at

Until next month, don’t forget with predicted shipping delays, to make sure you get your Santa shopping done now with our local businesses, both off and online, to avoid disappointment. I have already started, and can I say, there is nothing as brilliant as the unique products and service that is pure Noosa! #supportlocal #buylocal ????

Sandy ????