No surprises, though plenty of comments providing good food for thought! With over half of respondents preferring to limit election materials, and 46% calling for a total ban, either way, there is a call for change. Working out what ‘limiting’ would equate to will be interesting, however a slogan of ‘less is more’ may encourage election candidates to collaborate together on this to demonstrate what can be achieved?

Election voting survey results

Regarding the methodology for voting, it was a little surprising considering COVID  that there is still a passion for the ‘bustle’, with 56% wanting ‘choice’ of a combination of traditional booth, postal, telephone and online voting options. It was a close ‘2nd’ to leaving the booths out, and with only 3% polling for ‘no change’ demonstrates that the vast majority are not happy with the current system. Thank you to the more than 680 residents who collectively utilised their voice, and we shall update via 360 on any progress regarding both. Keep tuned as with a short year due to elections, the annual Connect and survey will be coming out prior to October. #noosasays #voiceforchoice