Following the Roundtable meeting December 16 with Noosa Council staff, Councillors, community representatives and TMR, we can update the following:

  • Noosa Council has received legal advice and are preparing to initiate legal proceedings, more information available from Noosa Council at Kin Kin Quarry – Noosa Shire Council
  • A second find of $27,000 has been issued to Cordwell Resources this week by Noosa Council for breeching the Quarry Management Plan conditions.
  • We have written to the Premier seeking her intervention regarding safety and resident impacts along the haulage route.
  • Local police have been continuing speed operations along the haulage route and advise that although there are very few heavy vehicles speeding, regular vehicles are and they advised they need to issue fines to ALL vehicles speeding.
  • TMR and police have recently conducted 47.5 hours of static and mobile compliance operations for heavy vehicles. 29 vehicles were intercepted, finding 10 defects and two mass breaches (overloaded vehicles).
  • Assessments of the haul route are ongoing by TMR including engineer assessments of the timber bridges.
  • There are no royalties being paid to either State or Noosa Council for extraction materials as the land is privately owned.

At the request of the community, speed enforcement along the haulage route will soon intensify and may include unmarked vehicles and hidden speed cameras. It is important for residents to understand that infringement notices issued through these efforts will be issued impartially to any speeding vehicle by traffic branch officers.

Questions that have been sent by residents to our office are forwarded to the relevant State Department. Their responses are compiled and  reported to the Roundtable, provided to the Save the Noosa Hinterland group for dispersal to members and posted for  reference to Noosa 360.