Following resident concerns regarding the shortage of flupropanate herbicide to combat Giant Rat’s Tail Grass, the Queensland Minister for Agriculture’s office has provided below in response:

  • Giant rats tail grass (Sporobolus pyramidalis, S. natalensis) (GRT) is an invasive weed in Queensland and is naturalised in many parts of Queensland, mostly in the eastern coastal catchment areas.
  • We can confirm that Australian manufacturers have provided recent advice that they expect to receive flupropanate supplies from China in late 2023 so they can again manufacture their respective flupropanate herbicide products.  
  • There are currently other registered chemical products available for GRT control should landholders not have access to flupropanate products. An Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority permit is available (provided at Attachment 1) to permit chemical control of GRT.
  • There have been supply issues of flupropanate from China in the past 2-3 years.
  • The Department of Agriculture & Fisheries (DAF) is currently undertaking research on control methods for giant rat’s tail grass using wick wipers. Results are expected to be available in mid-2024.
  • DAF has also recently undertaken invasive grass masterclass workshops (which includes a focus on GRT management) to train local government officers in southern and central Queensland with invasive grass management techniques.
  • These workshops have been filmed and extension material will be provided online once developed to support invasive grass management for weeds such as GRT.
  • As the landholder will know, flupropanate chemical products can be used to selectively control tussock grasses such as GRT to leave pasture grasses and other native non-tussock grasses undamaged.  Landholders use flupropanate in many situations to selectively control GRT using granular pellets or boom/spot spraying.
  • Glyphosate chemical products are non-selective and will damage or kill any grass that it comes in contact with.

Further Information

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