In response to constituent enquiries regarding electoral boundary redistributions, we have been provided the following by the Attorney’s General’s office:

The Queensland Redistribution Commission (QRC) is the independent body established under the Electoral Act 1992 to determine the State’s electoral boundaries. These reviews are typically conducted every eight or so years, in accordance with the timeframes set out in Part 3, Division 2 of the Electoral Act. The last State boundary redistribution was finalised in 2017 and it is anticipated the need for the next review will arise in December 2024 under section 38(1)(b).

The overarching purpose of a State redistribution is to ensure enrolment remains balanced across Queensland’s 93 electorates, so that each enrolled elector’s vote has the same value (one vote, one value). During a State redistribution, the QRC undertakes four phases of public consultation and it is during these periods that interested stakeholders are able to offer possible alternative boundary suggestions. Section 41 of the Electoral Act summarises the way in which the QRC must undertake an electoral redistribution, including outlining the four phases of public consultation.

For more information about the QRC, or past State redistributions, please see the ECQ website.