The Noosa electorate has 2 current exploration permits: i) on the northern border EPC2598 that is largely in the Gympie electorate, and ii) EPC2556 held by by Coal Stream Pty Ltd (due to expire Nov 24 2018). The environmental authority was granted Feb 19 2014, and the renewal process application must be made 6 months prior and meet stringent requirements. The permit is for exploration only (no ownership of minerals or right to mine).


As permits are extinguished they are not replaced. The only way new permits can be issued is via the State Government through a public tender process.

Should exploration of a site source product, the application to mine requires a lengthy process involving an Environmental Impact Statement, the Land Court, community consultation including representation to the Noosa Mayor and the local member.

Noosa is a Biosphere Reserve and committed to retaining its Biosphere status. There is no support for coal mining in this community.