Historically Alexandria Bay has been used unofficially as a clothing optional beach for many years, over five decades, with locals simply avoiding it in past if it caused offence as it is a fairly isolated location and was not as well known amongst visitors. With the increased popularity of Noosa National Park and the coastal walking track, Alexandria Bay has lost some of this as previously posted (www.sandybolton.com/alexandria-bay-noosa-national-park-april-2023). This included basic information that there is currently no legalised clothing free, clothing optional, or nudist beaches in Queensland (or Tasmania). It is an offence to be on a public beach in these two states without any clothing, with two possible charges in Queensland of ‘Wilful Exposure’ or ‘Public Nuisance’. Legalised clothing optional beaches have existed in other States and Territories since 1975, providing examples of how this is managed.

Following local police responding to reported lewd behaviours at Alexandria Bay resulting in charges for a number of residents, there has been extensive media coverage and emails to our office, from both locals and visitors.

As an Independent MP, it is important for Sandy to hear directly from constituents, as she does not simply adopt the ideology or beliefs of any particular political party, nor her own views, instead strives to represent the diversity of the Noosa electorate.

Therefore, our office conducted a survey of Noosa State Electorate residents about whether they believe clothing optional beaches should be legalised in Queensland, and if so, should Alexandria Bay be considered as one of those.

The Survey ran from 4/05/2023 to 24/05/2023 and was broadcast via Facebook, sent to our newsletter subscribers as well broadcast through newspaper columns and in radio interviews.

1,545 responses were recorded for the survey, 572 responses were invalid as they were from residents of other state electorates, with the 973 responses from Noosa constituents to the two questions displayed in the graphs below:

In summary:

In support – 84.28% or 820 residents

Against – 15.72% or 153 residents

Question 1: Would you support Queensland laws changing to allow for legalised clothing optional beaches?

Of the 820 who responded yes to Question 1, 96.45% or 788 residents were in support of Alexandria Bay, with 3.55% or 29 against.

Q2- Would you support Alexandria Bay at Noosa National Park, as a legalised clothing optional beach in Queensland?

As with every survey we undertake, all comments are recorded and grouped according to concerns.

The theme that emerged from residents against was that clothing optional beaches attract predators and increased lewd behaviour, which lead to safety issues.

As part of researching these concerns, we have sought information from states that  host clothing optional beaches, as well requested, via a Question on Notice to the Minister for Police, whether he will commit to reviewing the operation of wilful exposure laws (regarding clothing optional beaches) in Queensland, as well the Minister for Local Government, or provide the rationale as to why not. Once these have been received, we will post the responses here at Noosa 360.

Thank you to all residents who participate in any Noosa issue specific surveys, and/or our annual Noosa MP Community Survey as it is important to gather this information. For those wishing to also advocate with the relevant Ministers directly regarding clothing optional beaches, please consider emailing the following with a cc to our office via noosa@parliament.qld.gov.au :

For participants from outside the Noosa State Electorate, thank you also for submitting, and we ask that you send your views to your local QLD MP as any changes to current legislation would require a majority vote of MPs in QLD Parliament. If you are unsure which electorate you live in, you can search at www.ecq.qld.gov.au/electoral-boundaries/where-is-my-electorate.

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As noted previously, we will continue to provide updates to Noosa 360 as new information becomes available.