We have received the following response today from Department of Transport Main Roads in relation to a query on how the works on Beckmans Road will assist with traffic flow:

The Cooroy-Noosa Road and Beckmans Road intersection is being widened to accommodate a dual lane roundabout which increases capacity, allowing more traffic to flow through the intersection at the same time. This will decrease the wait time at the intersection, particularly for right-turn movements into and out of Beckman’s Road during peak traffic periods.

Reduced delays and traffic congestion will be immediate for those turning right into and out of Beckmans Road as these drivers will be provided with significantly more gaps in traffic in comparison to the current intersection. Reducing delays and congestion is also likely to result in safety improvements for drivers due to a reduction of long wait times which can contribute to driver impatience and attempts to use shorter gaps in traffic to make turns.

On completion of the roundabout, drivers travelling through on Cooroy-Noosa Road will have to pass through the roundabout. This will introduce some minor delays as Cooroy-Noosa Road is currently free flowing for through traffic. The impact, or delay, is expected to be comparable to other roundabouts in the area and will not lead to a significant worsening of traffic conditions for these motorists.

The Tewantin Bypass Stage 1 project will not reduce congestion at the Sea Eagle and Eumundi Noosa Road roundabouts but it may reduce traffic on St Andrews Drive as motorists start using the new roundabout. Because drivers are experiencing significant delays at the Cooroy-Noosa Road and Beckmans Road intersection some have started to use St Andrews Drive as an alternate route. It is possible that some redirection of traffic from St Andrews Drive could result from reductions in delays, especially the right-turn from Beckmans Road to Cooroy-Noosa Road.