Advocacy starting in 2018 for the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) to introduce an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Register is now complete with the commencement of the QAS register . Whilst there are many apps available, all currently rely on location advice provided by individual businesses or properties hosting an AED. In addition, although this register is initially only for the use of Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs), and they only currently advise if an AED is on the property of a specific incident, there are plans to expand this service.

  • QAS is currently engaging with stakeholders to consider and implement various improvements. Included in their considerations will be the following suggestions we have sent as part of our advocacy.
  • For AED suppliers to register locations as a component of the sales process.
  • To expand the ability of EMDs to advise the ‘nearest’ AED.
  • The sharing of AED locations to the public, also making the information more readily available to location apps.

Further updates will be provided as the service expands.

For any business with an AED in our area, please take the time to register the location with QAS as this could save lives.