To access all photos from the event, head here. Order of ceremony is alphabetical as per organisation.

Marc Bright – All Abilities Golf

Marc’s dedication and commitment to teaching golf to the All Abilities group for the past ten years is truly remarkable. Marc has been taking this group for a golf lesson every week and has brought about a positive change in their lives. The All Abilities group looks forward to their weekly outing with Marc, and it is heartening to see the joy on their faces as they learn and improve their golf skills.

Marc’s passion for golf and his genuine interest in the wellbeing of the All Abilities group is truly inspiring. He has created a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported. Marc’s patience, kindness, and encouragement have helped the group members gain confidence and self­ esteem.

Julien Cahn – Business Mentoring Noosa

Julien is a “founding father” of the Business Mentoring Noosa (BMN) organisation and after almost 12 years of operation, Julien continues to lead the way and work with more mentees than any other mentor. Currently he is juggling around 10 businesses across many industries and at the same time is working with St Theresa’s School to help one of the staff to commercialise their entrepreneurship program for all schools in the state of Queensland.

Julien also works with individual businesses to prepare them for Shark Tank on national television. To prepare for this and to prepare the businesses to be able to pitch for funding to the Angel Investment network, he runs a ‘mock’ Shark Tank for budding entrepreneurs who have come through the ranks of the BMN mentoring program. The number of accolades from the 450+ businesses that have come through the BMN program in almost 12 years is a real testament to Julien’s enthusiasm, energy and inspiration for Noosa Shire’s small and medium (SME) enterprises.

Rod Ritchie – Cooroy Area Residents Association

Rod Ritchie, has been president of Cooroy Area Residents Association Inc.(CARA) for the past eight years now. Actively involved in town affairs, he has been the voice of Cooroy residents on planning issues and other matters that affect the town. As well, Rod founded the CARA Facebook page five years ago to unite the community, facilitate the exchange of views, and, support those with issues. He has  been sole administrator of the site during this time and has supervised its growth from 100 subscribers to 16,300 today.

Barbara Luff – Cooroy Future Group Inc.

Barbara Luff began volunteering in the gallery spaces of the Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre, in 2015 and within 12 months joined the management committee of Cooroy Future Group Inc as Secretary.

She has held the position of Secretary for the last 7 years and now concurrently holds the position of Acting Treasurer, a demanding role of its own due to the number of staff employed.  Both of these roles are extremely time intensive, yet Barbara is always diligent in ensuring all reports to the Management Committee are presented in a timely and accurate manner.

Barbara is always happy to lead with managing events, and in addition to her other duties she has also managed bar re-stocking and bar sales for exhibition opening nights for a number of years now.  She is extremely generous and always gives with her time beyond expectations, and her attention to detail is to be applauded.

Des Bowes – Cooroy Horse & Pony Club 

Des Bowes volunteers tirelessly to help, support and encourage young people to enjoy their horses. He drives from Maryborough to Cooroy every fortnight for our Musters regardless of the weather or how many or few members are in attendance.

Coral Salmon – Cooroy Pomona Lions Club

Coral Salmon Lions Club journey started at the Whitsunday Lions Club in 1997 and then Coral transferred to the Cooroy Pomona Lions Club in 2012.

Coral has been a valuable member of the Cooroy Pomona Lions Club over the years and has worn many hats including Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Coordinator, and an active volunteer in all club projects.

Coral was also an active committee member on the Lions In Place Inc at Nambour which supported people in need or experiencing homelessness.

Coral has a great passion for sewing and attends the monthly Sewing Goddesses Group which is a charity project of the Lions Club. The sewing group donates quilts and items to various charities.

Robin Salmon – Cooroy Pomona Lions Club

Robin Salmon joined the Lions Whitsunday Club in 1997 and then transferred to the Cooroy Pomona Lions Club in 2012. Whilst in the Whitsunday Robin volunteered for the Marine Rescue. Robin has been a great asset to the Cooroy Pomona Lions Club over the years in various roles on the executive committee which includes President, Vice President, Membership Chairperson, plus District Youth Camp & Exchange. Robin is an active volunteer on many of our Lions Club projects.

Robin’s volunteering commitment is effortless as this is his true nature, and he is a true giver. Robin is the first to put his hand up to volunteer. Robin congratulations on your volunteering achievements over the past 26 years. The Lions motto that sums Robins commitment is “I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.”

Barrie Adams – Cooroy RSL

Barrie has been involved with the Cooroy RSL Board since 2018 and is currently the President.  He has led the Board and worked with the Club staff to achieve excellent financial results as well as been involved with the significant refurbishments that have occurred over the past three years.

Barrie not only volunteers his time for the Cooroy RSL, but also works collaboratively with the Cooroy-Pomona RSL Sub-Branch. He also volunteers his time and energy to other organisations within the area including the annual community Christmas events in both Tewantin and Eumundi.  In addition to his work in the Noosa area, he also volunteers his time for a number of other community and not-for-profit groups.

Ross Aiken – Cooroy RSL

Rosco as he is affectionately known, is an invaluable volunteer for the Cooroy RSL. He is a solid all-rounder volunteer who has been doing the Goose Club for the past twenty years.

As well as conducting the Goose Club each week, he helps the staff on Saturdays and Sundays to open the Club, supports the annual Anzac Day commemorative service and assists the staff and sub-branch by running errands to Dan Murphy’s, Bunnings and the like.

Peter Watts – Cooroy-Pomona RSL Sub-Branch

Peter Watts is known as the Minister for nearly everything that the Sub-Branch provides. He has been volunteering in the sub-branch for eight years. He was previously the Vice President and resigned when his executive term expired, however he has had to then step back into his previous role of Vice President due to no other nominations being received and has also taken on the role of Secretary.

Peter is also the Memorabilia Officer, and he and his wife Lorraine have now catalogued and displayed the military library within the RSL Club where anyone can sign out books on loan.  Peter also arranges the popular ANZAC Day Dawn Service and street march in Cooroy and is the driving force behind coordinating Remembrance Day and other formal RSL services.  He undertakes welfare visits to Eden hospital and local aged care homes like Kabara and Carramar.

He is at the Cooroy RSL most days performing secretariat duties, sorting out welfare issues, running the weekly raffles, and dealing with any reporting and governance issues that may arise.

Ada Medak – Friends of Kinaba

Ada Medak’s passion and tireless efforts within Friends of Kinaba, including communication and negotiations with various levels of Government, submissions, record-keeping and positive future vision, have powered Friends of Kinaba since its inception in June 2011.

Kathleen Bolt – Katie Rose Volunteer Gardeners

Kathleen Bolt works two or three mornings a week in the garden. She co-ordinates the distribution of plants to the shops and organises the work to be done by the team members on both Mondays and Thursdays.

Kathleen also propagates all the plants grown in the nursery, the planting out of donated or grown plants into the different areas of the garden is another area in which she plays a major role.  She is easy to work with and is a good listener when other team members have ideas they wish to put forward.

Bob Lennox – Katie Rose Cottage Hospice

Robert (Bob) Lennox has been volunteering at Katie Rose Cottage Hospice since March 2019 providing much needed maintenance services to both the beautiful hospice and all four of their op shops.

Bob is a retired builder and is the hospice’s go-to person when something needs fixing. Nothing is ever too much trouble and happily attends to any request.

Bob has also used his creative skills to build the Japanese Tea House at the hospice along with the furniture in it. This provides a peaceful place for guests and their family members to sit and enjoy the gardens.

Mark Sweeney – Katie Rose Cottage Hospice

Mark Sweeney provides a much-needed maintenance and handyman service at Katie Rose Cottage Hospice and in their op shops. Mark started volunteering with in March 2017. Katie Rose often receives compliments on the beautiful grounds and that is in no small part due to the tireless work Mark does at keeping the grounds looking amazing. He is always willing to help with any maintenance requests that pop up. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

Mark’s shadow is Savannah, a beautiful red and tan kelpie. Savannah comes in to “work” with Mark and is a favourite with all of the hospice staff and volunteers and always brings a smile to the face of guests and their family members.

Rilka Stone – Kin Kin Community Group

Rilka Stone’s unwavering dedication to the Kin Kin Community Group is truly remarkable. She has poured her heart and soul into her role as President, inspiring, motivating, collaborating, and connecting within the community. Her tireless efforts have surpassed expectations, as she consistently puts in long hours and tremendous hard work to unify the community.

Rilka’s ability to attract individuals with diverse skills sets has resulted in significant achievements for the group. Through her adeptness, the community has gained access to valuable resources, such as community grants and free activities. Moreover, her endeavours have also had a positive impact on the local economy, generating employment opportunities for the area.

Mic Gray – Kin Kin Rural Fire Brigade

Mic Gray joined the Kin Kin Rural Fire Brigade about 15 years ago, shortly after moving into the Kin Kin district from Melbourne.  His fellow volunteers say he immediately brought a professional work ethic and dedication to his work, and he quickly made his way up through the ranks, eventually becoming First Officer. As First Officer, Mic transformed the Kin Kin brigade into a highly regarded operation within both the Rural Fire Service and broader Queensland Fire & Emergency Service communities.

Apart from fighting fires in around the challenging hill country of the Kin Kin district, the Kin Kin crew can often be found supporting other brigades at major incidents throughout Noosa Shire and beyond. In addition, under Mic’s leadership, the Kin Kin brigade often acts as the primary first responder to many other emergencies – most notably during storms and flooding.  Mic and his crews worked non-stop through the 2022 floods, helping with medical evacuations and other emergencies in an area which was cut-off from the rest of the world for days at a time. Mic normally avoids the limelight, but we are happy to recognise his many years of service, keeping the people of Kin Kin safe through his efforts. His constant focus on training and the introduction of technological updates have played a significant part in keeping his own colleagues safe and increasing the effectiveness of the brigade’s firefighting operations.

Warren Galvin – Lions Youth In Search

Warren Gavin has been involved with the Lions Youth In Search project for around 23 years as a mentor, ambassador and currently serving as the Youth In Search Chairperson since July 2017. Warren dedication and commitment to the project is commendable as he organises camps, volunteers, and donations. Youth In Search focusses on young people aged between 14-20 years of age and is an early-intervention program, which identify at-risk youth and invites them to attend camps throughout the years.  Warren joined the Lions Club family at the Noosa Heads Lions Club in 1984 and then transferred to the Cooroy Pomona Lions Club in 2012.

Warren has been a valuable asset to the Cooroy Pomona Lions Club and has mastered may roles over the years which includes Zone Chairperson, President, Membership Chairperson, plus assisted on many Lions club projects like King Of the Mountain, Lions BBQ’s, maintenance projects just to name a few.

Kate Hart – Noosa Alive!

Kate Hart has dedicated many years of service to Noosa Alive! festival for over 20 years and is an absolute inspiration.  She’s a beautiful lady inside and out who is simply passionate about the arts.

Samantha Hooper – Noosa Branch Little Athletics Inc.

Samantha Hooper has joined the Committee as PR social media and web site coordinator. Samantha has volunteered many hours setting up the web site and FB pages for the organisation and bringing their not-for-profit sport to the Noosa community at the touch of a button.

Samantha has been with the centre for 18 years as a young athlete and a volunteer. Noosa Branch Little Athletics are proud to have her on board and recognise her many skills, including her photography and her many action photos that also appear in our local papers.

Greg Bain – Noosa Dolphins Rugby Union Club

A long serving volunteer, Greg has held many positions within the club including 6 years as Senior Vice president and long-standing member of the senior committee.  Greg still contributes to senior and junior football in his role as a droopy dolphin. The droopy dolphins are a group of old boy players who do a variety of tasks for the club such as game day set up, food and drink, fundraising and support players and families.

Rohan Ramsden – Noosa Dolphins Rugby Union Club

Rohan Ramsden is a past player, who when his playing days were done, has continued to manage, coach and volunteer for the Noosa Dolphins Rugby club. In his over 20-year commitment to Dolphins, Rohan has been part of the senior coaching group which has included, A grade, Reserve grade men and the ladies team. Rohan’s involvement in coaching, mentoring and developing juniors in many age groups has not only made them terrific rugby players, but also great community people.

Rob Baillie – Noosa FM

Rob Baillie is a very loyal and enthusiastic volunteer fulfilling many different roles and offices with our local community radio for well over 20 years. Rob is a multi-talented and skilled volunteer matching this diverse organisation. He contributes to station management, the technical team, to training and upskilling of our volunteers, programming, sponsorship and presenting. Rob has a welcoming nature to anyone who shows an interest in radio, and he is a great advocate of Noosa FM and its contribution to our community and society. His approach towards all volunteers is balanced and empathic, he is clear and thoughtful. Rob is always approachable and friendly. He helps with programming where and whenever possible.

He is reliable like a clockwork presenting his own programs.  Rob is part of the presenter training team and conducts the initial media law training to our volunteers for many years. He imparts enthusiasm, pride, and gratitude for being given the opportunity to work for Noosa FM radio. He always says, “It’s a privilege to present on Noosa FM 101.3”. Rob is a tremendous supporter for the performing arts, and he is a big fan and supporter of our local and Australian music scene. He is a great fan of Australian indigenous and of world music and he receives many thankful complimenting phone calls on his playlist and choice of music from our listenership close and far away.

Vicki Riley – Noosa FM

Vicki Riley is one of the most dedicated volunteers an organisation can have. Vicki has been with Noosa FM for over 10 years and has given her time and expertise as professional volunteer ever since. Vicki has an infectious enthusiasm, patience, and empathy with others, and portrays meticulousness as the Noosa FM music librarian.

Most people don’t think about how music gets onto the radio, it is just always there when we turn on the radio. However, every song needs to be selected, censored, and put into the correct format on the studio system. Noosa FM presenters need to be trained how to use the system and the inhouse library even if they chose or bring the music for their program themselves.

As the station librarian Vicki has set up and programmed the overnight program, “The Wave” which is cherished by our listeners because it helps them when sleepless or accompanies them while working at night.

Every week she compiles many hours of music programs to fill in for presenters who are on leave. Vicki also trains and educates newbie and experienced presenters on the system and on presenting.

Mike Hancock – Noosa North Shore Association (Rural Fire Brigade)

Mike Hancock is directly involved in the Noosa North Shore Association Inc. as both a member and as a former President. Additionally, Mike has been a stalwart of the North Shore Rural Fire Brigade as well as giving time on Clean Up Australia Day in 2023 in our area. Mike has tirelessly contributed in many areas.

Des Mabbott – Noosa Outrigger Canoe Club

As the head coach of Noosa Outriggers, Des has instigated many training programmes for paddlers. He has been so successful as a voluntary club leader that for the first time Noosa Outriggers won the South Queensland Zone championships against tough competition from the 20 other Clubs in The Zone.

Des has been a paddler and coach at Noosa for many years. He has not only been instrumental in coaching but has also written detailed manuals for the Club describing the many procedures required to run official outrigger paddling competitions.

This year Des was successful in winning a place to represent Australia at the upcoming world championships in August to be held in Samoa. He competes as a Platinum paddler (over 70 years old) in the difficult V1 category where the solo paddler uses only a paddle to steer the canoe over many kms through the ocean. He is an inspiration to the whole Club not only for his prowess as a paddler but for his many years of voluntary service to the sport.

Chris Mitchell – Noosa Outrigger Canoe Club

Chris Mitchell has been a member for over 20 years during which time she has filled every administrative position including being a past President. She is a qualified coach and is in charge of the 5am group of women paddlers. Chris still paddles competitively in the Platinum (over 70 years of age) division.

In addition, Chris also works tirelessly for the Club, currently running their “Come and Try Outrigging” days which  take place several times every month. She is so welcoming to all that many more people have decided to join the Club. Chris will always go out of her way to assist anyone in the Club with her knowledge in both the administrative and paddling spheres. She is an asset to the community for her dedication to promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Deborah Strong – Noosa Sea Scouts

Since joining the group in 2008 Debbie Strong has been a powerhouse. Not only supporting her two children Adam and Liam through their scouting journey but assisting with transport to camps and activities and leading the groups fundraising efforts for thirteen years. Best known for her management of the Hilltop Cafe at every Hill climb event, taking charge of ordering, logistics and volunteer coordination and generally chief cook and bottle washer.

Whether it was organising the sausage sizzles or jamboree raisers for many years Debbie was the person who set up processes and trained the volunteers.  Scouting is a family activity and the Strong family have been great contributors. Now Debbie’s oldest son has progressed to become a Leader in the scout section, no doubt partially reflecting the values evident in his parents’ commitment to service.

Ian Kaye – Noosa Sea Scouts

Since 2017, the Kaye family have been actively involved in the Noosa Sea Scout Group.  Signing up as adult support members, Ian and his wife Simone have always been willing to lend a helping hand.  Whether it was serving on the Group Committee, assisting with logistics and fundraising for Cub, Scout or Venturer activities involving their two sons Elliot and Tasker or just volunteering to help keep the scout den ship shape, Ian has been a great supporter of the group.  Ian’s training as an archivist came in very handy when he stood up to lead the organisation of the group’s recent 70th Anniversary.

Ian spent months gathering interested others together, collecting history and memorabilia and developing detailed written records which resulted some great communication material and in an impressive visual display on the day of commemoration.

Anne Coombes – Noosa Shire Museum

Since Anne Coombes has been President of the Noosa Shire Museum, she has created a cohesive and enthusiastic team of volunteers with a vision and purpose taking the museum forward. Anne’s vast knowledge of heritage, culture and architecture, combined with her vision of the many possibilities of what could be, has brought the Museum up to a new educational and visual representation of local history.  Anne is a team leader that brings her team with her in all that she does.

Andy & Isobel Perry – Noosa Shire Museum

Andy and Isobel Perry are husband and wife who have both been giving tirelessly of their time over many years to the museum. Andy has used his many skills from his previous professions of his working life and helped lead and instruct anyone willing to learn.

Isobel has also been a great asset to the museum using her great teaching skills, and this is evident when young school children come through the museum. Isobel has the patience of a saint in this department. Andy and Isobel are rays of sunshine and a great example to the community of what volunteering is all about.

Paul Coolican – Noosa Water Polo

Paul Coolican was recognised for his contribution to Water Polo with Life Membership of Water Polo Queensland earlier this year.  He has been involved in Noosa Water Polo club for over twenty years and has been a driving force in the development of the sport on the Sunshine Coast.

He is always available to support with coaching, refereeing, and mentoring and has dedicated countless hours of his time on a voluntary basis to provide opportunities for hundreds of young athletes.  Whether it be schools, clubs or elite level water polo, Paul is invariably on pool deck and ready to lend a willing hand or a wise word to assist.

Diane Cuddihy – Noosa World Surfing Reserve

Diane Cuddihy has worked with the Noosa Surfing Reserve pre its inception as a national surfing reserve. Her efforts as secretary have allowed us to become a world surfing reserve 2 years ago, and ongoing assistance throughout her time on the stewardship committee has been invaluable.

She is the glue behind the scenes that has kept the organisation running over the past 10 years and volunteers her time to the organisation of events, doing admin work and communications that allow the group to achieve the protection of our surfing reserve.

Marie Lewis – OzHarvest Sunshine Coast & Gympie

Marie Lewis has been a volunteer with OzHarvest Sunshine Coast & Gympie for almost four years. Since joining us, she has supported us weekly with our food rescue runs – getting surplus food to local organisations that feed people in need. But her contributions are so much more. She is a huge supporter of our organisation in terms of getting the message out about food waste and food insecurity, holding multiple fundraisers on our behalf that have had significant impact on the organisation’s ability to operate effectively, and helped in multiple ways to deliver our community outreach programs.

She is often the first to volunteer to help fill runs, participate in new activities and provide backup. As a fully volunteer run organisation, people like Marie are gold – she represents us proudly and every day.  In addition to the work with OzHarvest, Marie is involved in other local charitable organisations – holding fundraising events and advocating on behalf of those less fortunate or in need of a helping hand. If all volunteers were a Marie Lewis, the world would be a far better place.

Heather Manders – Pomona King of the Mountain

Heather Manders has been volunteering for the Pomona King of The Mountain event since 2008. During this time Heathers job roles have included mountain marshalling, coordinating the fun run, relays, timekeeper on the start/finish line and promotions. In 2014 Heather was nominated event Chairperson and is still at the helm today.

Heather has a great volunteering history which extends back to when she moved to Pomona in 1997 and started volunteering in a variety of roles such as coordinator of the local Pomona Playgroup, President of the Pomona State School P&C, Canteen helper at Cooroora United Football Club, Secretary at the Pomona Hall, KOM Chairperson, and currently the Secretary at Cooroy Lions Club. Heather is a much-loved volunteer member of the Cooroy Pomona Lions Club and role model in the local Pomona Community.  Congratulations Heather on your volunteering achievements and your commitment to your community.

Catherine Magick – Pomona Pony Club

A member of Pomona Pony Club since the mid 80’s with only a short break whilst she had her 4 children, first as a riding member and then later as a parent volunteer when her children and niece commenced riding at Pomona Pony Club.

She has held many committee positions at the club including Treasurer and is currently Secretary achieving Life Membership 8 years ago. Cathy has been the main organiser of the annual Pomona Pony Club Gymkhana and the backbone of the Club.

She has recently undertaken training to become a volunteer Coach / Instructor. Along with duties at the Pomona Pony Club she also assists where required at other local Pony Club events, is a delegate at the Pony Club Zone 6 which covers the Sunshine Coast to Gympie area.

Susan Hafey – Pomona State School

Susan has volunteered at Pomona State School for over 28 years. She is a hands-on helper in various classrooms in addition to taking countless jobs home to do ‘in front of the TV’.

She volunteers on a regular basis and no job is too big or too small. She has enriched the education of hundreds of learners over the years by listening to reading, helping children complete homework tasks, engage in art activities and in particular assisting children with special needs. Susan regularly makes our junior school play dough in addition to cleaning the tables after many little hands have used it! She has become ‘part of the Pomona School Furniture and we really appreciate her efforts and ceaseless dedication.

Jean Wallace-Coates – Pomona State School

Miss J volunteers her time throughout the week to assist several classes at Pomona State School. She has done this for many years to support her local community. She is a valued member of the team, and we appreciate everything that she does to support staff and students.

Susan Reese – PTSD Dogs Australia

Susan Reese was the first foster parent for PTSD Dogs Australia and has been incredibly open and helpful for the organisation.  She has fostered 5 of the PTSD assistance dogs which have all been placed with first responders or veterans suffering PTSD.  In addition, she helps out as a volunteer at our events and is also a Salvation Army Volunteer.

Angie Weeks – PTSD Dogs Australia

Without Angie, there would not be an organisation called PTSD Dogs Australia.  As co-founder and volunteer CEO of the organisation, Angie Weeks rescues dogs to rescue first responders and veterans with PTSD.  Her countless hours rescuing and training dogs, supporting handlers and managing the many intricacies of a growing charity make the valuable work the organisation does all possible.   Her vision and generosity of spirit is inspiring.

Amanda Fortington – Salvation Army Noosa

Amanda is a dedicated volunteer who has devoted her life to helping others, and her friendly approach and can-do attitude make her an asset to any organisation she works with.

Amanda has volunteered with a number of community organisations, including local schools, food banks, and homeless shelters. She has a natural ability to connect with people from all walks of life, and her warm and caring personality makes her a beloved figure in our Noosa community.

Amanda’s tireless efforts have helped to make a real difference in the lives of countless individuals in need. Whether she is organising a fundraising event or working one-on-one with those in need, Amanda always goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone she works with feels valued and supported.

In addition to her impressive dedication and work ethic, Amanda is also an excellent team player who consistently brings positivity and enthusiasm to every project she works on. Her commitment to helping others is truly inspiring.

Her efforts have made a significant impact in our Noosa community, and she is an exceptional role model for anyone looking to make a difference in the lives of others.

Matthew Gluyas – Salvation Army Noosa

The Salvation Army is a cornerstone of our community, providing vital support and assistance to those in need, particularly families who are struggling to make ends meet. At the heart of the Salvation Army’s work is Matthew Gluyas, a remarkable individual who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping those less fortunate. Matthew’s caring nature, passion, and drive have been instrumental in bringing our community together and helping to make a positive difference in the lives of countless individuals. Through his work with the Salvation Army, Matthew has helped to provide food, shelter, and support to those who are struggling to make ends meet. He is a tireless advocate for those in need and works tirelessly to ensure that everyone in our community has access to the help and support they need to thrive.

What truly sets Matthew apart is his unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. He is always there to lend a helping hand, offer words of encouragement, and provide the support that is needed to help people overcome the challenges they face.

Spencer Hitchen – Save Sunrise Glossies

Spencer has been doing bird surveys since he was six years old & now has a very good reputation in the bird & environmental world for identifying birds, plants, fungi, insects, spiders, frogs, lizards, etc. All thanks to amazing locals who have shared their knowledge with him & inspired him to stand up for nature.

Spencer follows in the footsteps of those who have taught him to share his love of nature with others wherever he goes. Last year Spencer was the recipient of a grant from Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots and Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation which he used to make a 2023 Wallum Calendar from scratch. He used his photographs & observations to share with others his love of nature. He hopes to raise awareness locally & throughout the world of the plight of the Wallum & all of its inhabitants.

Spencer has been trying to Save Sunrise Glossies for 5 years since learning about the threat of development to their Favoured Feed Tree Forest. He has raised awareness around the world about the Glossies & their plight. He has used his voice to inspire others to stand up for nature by signing his petition which now has 76,000+ signatures. He makes videos to help people understand what the problem is & how they can help. He has with the help of others got the Glossies listed under the EPBC Act last year. This is a huge step towards saving this incredible species. His love of nature is infectious & inspires us all to stand up for what we love. He never gives up even when the odds are stacked against him.

Johnny Gooderham – Sunshine Beach SLSC

Johnny Gooderham is an outstanding member and volunteer for the Sunshine Beach Surf Lifesaving Club. He is the serving President (and Executive Director) of the Lifesaving Club, sits on the Supporters Club Board, as well as serving on committees that cross both the Lifesaving and Supporters Clubs, such as the Building Maintenance Committee and the Finance Committee.

In addition to these strategic roles guiding the club, Johnny is highly committed ‘on the beach’, putting in further time as the Under 13 Age Manager for Nippers, an active patrolling member of Patrol 3 (including occasionally stepping in as Patrol Captain), and as a water safety volunteer at training sessions. In all of these roles, Johnny is a leader and role model to Club members.

Johnny’s commitments to Surf Lifesaving are above and beyond that of most other members and include the need to manage significant expectations as a leader and part of the executive team. His commitment is shown through the countless hours he puts into the club, over and above a busy work schedule.

Karen Gillespie – Sunshine Butterflies

Karen has been a loyal volunteer since 2020 doing one day a week, sometimes more, in multiple areas.

Karen assists in the Gardens and Art program. Karen is always in early in the morning ensuring our outdoor areas are safe and looking amazing and she takes great pride in her work! Once finished in the Gardens, Karen heads into the Activity shed where daily programs are run to assist with the centre’s Art program where she shares her knowledge and skills with members and staff. Karen is always happy to help in the Cafe for events or at short notice.

Karen is a warm and friendly person and everyone she engages with has friendly banter, compassion, encouragement & inspiration to be themselves, Karen is always the first to put her hand up to assist at Sunshine Butterflies in-house or community events. Karen often says she is in awe of Sunshine Butterflies work and expresses her gratitude for being able to share Sunshine Butterflies, but Sunshine Butterflies feel They are the lucky ones to have Karen join them every week and share her beautiful personality to make a difference in the organisation.

Steve Gillespie – Sunshine Butterflies

Steve has been a loyal volunteer since 2020 doing one day a week, sometimes more, in multiple areas.

Steve assists the Chippies woodworking program sharing his knowledge and skills with members and staff and is always enthusiastic with every project. Steve makes a difference in the lives members with disabilities by being a positive role model with friendly banter, compassion, and always encouraging & inspiring members to do the best they can.

He works well alongside staff as a team member helping to supervise and support their role. Steve was involved in creating a new larger Chippies workshop donating materials and his time doing long hours. Steve is also called upon for handyman jobs which he’s always happy to do and known to do a dish or two in the Cafe!!

Danielle Tomlinson – Tall Trees Art Inc.

Danielle Tomlinson has continuously provided her support to the community of Cooran in a number of ways, but especially as an active member of Tall Trees Art Inc over a number of years. She has been instrumental in ensuring this event remains a highlight of the town through the highs and lows. The event is not only something enjoyed by our community, but also an opportunity for hinterland artists to exhibit their work to a wide audience.

As a volunteer and as the group’s Vice President, Danielle has tirelessly championed Tall Trees Art Inc and put in many hours of effort behind the scenes to keep the wheels rolling. We are very fortunate to have someone as passionate as Danielle in the local art scene.

Janelle McDonald – Tewantin Noosa Lions Club

Janelle McDonald joined the club on 27th January 2015 and quickly took an active part in the operation of the club holding roles of 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, President and Immediate Past President.

Always happy to assist the community in any way she can and has taken a very active role in Youth of the Year program and was instrumental in setting up the very successful Children of courage.

Janelle always approaches any task with a happy and dedicated approach and always takes the attitude that is paramount to any Lions member – “We Serve.”

Stephanie Haslam – Urban Wildlife Gardens

Stephanie Haslam moved to Noosa  in 1994 and has been continuously involved in environmental conservation movement since that  date including the Noosa Integrated Catchment Association (NICA), Noosa Parks Association Botany Group and the 2018 formation of the Urban Wildlife Garden Scheme.

Stephanie has authored or co-authored several publications which are unique to Noosa as a result of her decades long dedication and love of local botany.  These publications are intended for use by all in the community to improve our understanding of the Noosa’s nature.   It is a tremendous legacy.

In 2018 Stephanie led the charge to create the new “Urban Wildlife Gardens” program proudly hosted by Noosa Integrated Catchment Association with funding support from Noosa Council.  This program focuses on activities to assist residents in protecting and enhancing nature in their Noosa back yards. This is the only program that is focused on nature conservation in urban area backyards which is a valuable part of the Biosphere.

Stephanie’s commitment to knowledge sharing and new initiatives that benefit all in the community and nature is absolutely remarkable.

Mark Bone – Waves of Kindness

Mark Bone has volunteered for Waves of Kindness for over 9 years at their warehouse.  Mark is a very passionate volunteer and has only one day off a week. Mark is out on the road with the driver where they deliver and pick up large furniture items.  Mark helps sort all the crates with books and clothes.

Mark is very strong and does not need a forklift to do the heavy jobs! You will never hear Mark complain and he never looks for a pat on the back!  Mark is a gadget guy and is in charge of fixing all the pricing guns when there are issues with them.

Roslyn Leslie – Wildlife Volunteers Association Inc. (WILVOS)

Every community needs a ‘Roslyn Leslie’. Roslyn has been a valued member of  WILVOS for twenty years.  She is a ball of cheerful energy who is totally dedicated to her local community.

Roslyn’s contribution to the WILVOS organization has been immense, for many years as Hotline Co-ordinator and Hotline Training Officer.  Her continuing advice and support to phone volunteers is indefatigable.

Our local wildlife is forever thankful to this amazing lady.   If there is an injured possum to be trapped, Roslyn is there.  Nothing is ever too much problem, and the smile never leaves that ladies face.  She leaves a trail of happy inspired people behind her!

Roslyn’s passion is educating our young people about all aspects of native animals, and she does this in such an entertaining manner.  Students develop a new interest and fascination with wildlife,   learning about responsible pet ownership. They then go on to convey this message to their family and friends.  Community organizations love to have Roslyn as a guest speaker and again she shines in this role.

As WILVOS Community Awareness Officer, Roslyn has wildlife information stalls at many community events.  Anyone passing by, won’t be leaving in a hurry! Roslyn is a true legend in the community and in the wildlife world.